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Is There Any Good Freeware Review Sites I Can Trust?


Every time I google or bing freeware I want, the result seems to be a trick. Many sites list all so-called freeware, you won't find that's just a trial or limited version of shareware until you download and install it. Also, it's really hard to find out a useful review of freeware which is written by a real person. What I can see are all duplicates of product description. I also pay a visit to some software directory sites. Some of them list the top 10 / 20 freeware review sites but most of sites are expired or out of service.So anyone can tell me if there are still living good freeware review sites?


I must say that those are not all tricky and almost of them saying true if you find that 9/10 saying that the freeware is good
then it is good but remember it is only a freeware and not a premium so its ability is limited and may not go or give what you really need than to a premium software where it can give everything you are expecting into a software, secure, accuracy, speed and more..
maybe I can give you one site that I trust when it comes to quality reviews the freewaregenius the review are genuine there and quality so check it or there are also alot here's another one http://www.techsupportalert.com/


Softpedia and Sourceforge. Sourceforge isn't a review site, you can find good software, however.


Usually i went to download.com for this stuff. Fill in the search, Check the 'free' option button, and view the reviews if any. Then the softpedia, though i found that some of their external download link are not updated and came out to 404 error not found However, up till now i never get the case where they say the software is free but then it found shareware or such. Though sometime i got something useless and deleted them afterwards


I would like refer to softpeida and techsupportalert.com when I come across problems like you!As you say, some freeware just a shareware, they just provides limited functions, not a really freeware I mean.And another question, what kind of freeware you want to get? you know, there are different solutions for different freeware. Hardly is there a website could provides the whole reviews about all freeware.And if it is about PDF, I may help you


I'll go with techsupportalert.com and ghacks.net. these two sites feature a lot of freeware stuff. other than that there are some random bloggers who are posting as guest blogger on these sites whose site you can check. some of them are writing for some typical freebies like system utilities or application freebies. so you have some chance of getting what you want from those blogs. also do hang on forums so that you can get idea about the freeware and reviews. neowin, shellcity forums and some other forums have section for reviews and discussion, keep tab on that one.


My favorite place to download any type of freeware would be at downloads.com, I think they have the most selection when it comes to freeware and can find programs you need very easily. you should give the web a try, i find new free programs every day


If you're trying a new software, it's best to read the reviews of those who have tried it first. softpedia and download.cnet are good sites to start with. I don't necessarily download the freewares from them, I mostly check the review on a particular piece of software whether or not it's worth downloading it.


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