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Adobe Dreamweaver Cs4 Download is there a place to download it without the installer?


i wanted to try out dreamweaver, but what happened is that i had to download the little installer program from akamai technologies. what a piece of crap as i am unable to connect. is there somewhere where i can just download it without the installer? an exe file or zipped file?i don't know why this installer is giving me connection problems. when i double click the installer, it will act like it's connecting and getting ready to install, and then go dead.


Is that the Java based installer which loads up from Adobe? I had some troubles with it even with an ultra fast connection at the local college, it still took over 5 minutes to kick in. I tried it about 4-5 times to get it working. You could try a torrent but it will probably be tampered with and may contain a Trojan. (people always like to go for the Adobe products and MS OS's). Sorry i don't have any other suggestions.


Yes, IB is right. You have to try torrent and find OEM based installers. I don't think there is any way other than web based installers from official adobe site.I have similar issues from MSDN, as even they started web based installers. >_<


Anwii, check your PM inbox.


yea, i just decided to try my luck with a torrent. i have it installed now.sky gave me a resource after i had already had it downloaded.....so thanks budstill strange how that installer from the adobe website wouldn't connect. i tried a few time too.....but with no luck. at first my thought was that it was running in the background....but NOPE!


Yeah well, Adobe's Download Manager sucks..it's the same as McAfee's download manager... They both seem the same software/application but edited in some way to make them different from each other.Ah well. I hope it works for you anwii.


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