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Looking For Pdf Converter


I am looking for a PDF converter which is simple and easy to use. No need for fancy things, as long as it can convert basic Microsoft Office files (.doc, .xls, .ppt etc...) then it's ok.I know that there are quite a number of programs which can convert PDF or convert to PDF, but I would like some recommendation on which, you may have used before, one is the easiest to handle.Thanks all!


If you dont need anything fancy features then google is your friend..

http://www.pdfonline.com/pdf-to-word-converter/ <-try this one out..


I went on to the website and it seems workable.now, do you have recommendations for PDF to image converters? I also need an image of the file and sceenshot will not provide the best quality images. I beleive that converting can deliver a higher quality output.ANy suggestions?


Have a look at cutepdf as a convertor to PDF format for anything that you can send to a printer.I have no clue how to create an image from pdf except to take screenshots.


I have no clue how to create an image from pdf except to take screenshots.

Can't GIMP open pdf's? I know that Photoshop can. If it can you should be able to export the pdf as another file type.


Actually I found a program called:Convert PDF To Image which did do the job. There are other similar programs with a similar variation of the name such as PDF to image converter etc...Thanks anyway for the help.


The best option I found by far was to scrap off Microsoft Office and change to Open Office suite. Simply click on the button and it will generate a PDF of the file your working on perfectly. Handles all MS files from all versions as well as save as such.You can also export powerpoint as flash to put them in your website which is most useful.


BullZip is a virtual printer that can save it as PDF or another other file format including JPEG. For example, you wan to print a document or save a document as PDF:File (from your application just as you would print to a printer) > Select BullZip as printer > select settings such as PDF or JPEG (or other output formats) > select destinationTo save any "file" as JPEG, all you have to do is the same print file but select JPEG as output format (this includes "converting" PDF to JPEG).


Im not using either though, just simple SumatraPDF.But I think Adobe's Reader has an option for screenshot and type tools? Am I correct?


if you just want to convert something to pdf, i recommend convert it on internet.more easier and faster.


.SCB to .PDFLooking For Pdf Converter

Anyone here has any clue how can i convert a .Scb file to .Pdfor .Doc or anything readable on windows? If there is a converter that needs to be downloaded please dolet me know. Thanks for the help.

-question by Neha



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