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Does anyone know where is a good place to get addons/hacks/mods/skins for IPB?I just installed it to try something other than phpbb and i want to get some new features on it.What? i like to customize ok?


You can find a lot of ad ons for IPB at http://www.invisionize.com/


yep, http://www.invisionize.com/ is probably THE only good place to get practically everything you want for IPB lol


Thanks, this should help


No problem, I used Invisionize to before I switched to phpbb, the problem about ipb is that if you read a post and go directly to the index it doesnt show a board as read (While phpbb does this)


I don't like any of the 'good' bulletin boards services like: phpBB, Invision Free, Invision Power Board, vBulletin, punBB or any stuff like that. I like good old homemade gamefaqs spinoffs. They are easy to manage and have alot of features that other bulletin boards can't have because of the way most of the stuff is hardcoded into the source or encrypted. On spinoffs like whiteFyre its just so EASY.


Nah, IPB is great. I use it for my forums, http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and it works like magic. It suits your every needs, and with many addons available, it's by far better than phpBB and all the other forum software. Anyway, http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ has all the mods you could ever want (Army System, other hacks, skins, things, member lists, portals...........)


I switched from phpBB because i got tired of waiting for their 2.2 release, to only upgrade it so it is more like IPB. so why not just plain get the real thing.Thanks for the link, it was exactly what i wa looking for.And for the users of phpBB there is a good site called phpbbhacks.com that is very useful.


Maybe the reason that phpbb was included with CPG Nuke was a reason too . But IPB can hardly be found for free anymore :\ They upgraded invisionfree to 1.3 and I cant seem to find 1.3 downloads anywhere these days (On the IPB site)


Maybe the reason that phpbb was included with CPG Nuke was a reason too . But IPB can hardly be found for free anymore :\ They upgraded invisionfree to 1.3 and I cant seem to find 1.3 downloads anywhere these days (On the IPB site)


Yeah they're not offering any *free* IPB packages anymore. It used to be all their releases had a free unlimited trial, and if you liked it, or for commercial use, you'd buy a license. Now though, apparantly, all the versions are no longer supposed to be distributed, but if you have version 1.3 or under, you may continue using free of charge...


So it's hard*er* to find a download for it. (Do a search on Google and you should be able to get it still though, I think)


--------------------------Invision Power Board offered free unilimited trial release up untill Ipb 2.0.0.pf5 which is when they stopped free unlimited releases and started limited fee trial versions. I still have the IPB trial version 2pf5 so if any one wants it give me a IM on msn: wskeggs@gmail.com (I am not redestributing it ).


I only have IPB 1.3 Final Version... if anyone needs it... feel free to contact me by e-mail: brunoferreirapinto@gmail.com and I'll send you it... Thanks!... I would like to use phpBB because it's opensource right?... and IPB isn't and it isn't free... but I just can't do all the things that I do using IPB with phpBB... It's harder to me...


I was able to upgrade it to IPB 2.0.3 thanks to a friend who showed my where to get it.
So far I love IPB and I think phpBB needs to get back to work and start fixing some things,
Ive always used phpBB as a board but not anymore! lol

And chiclete, yes many things cant be done in phpBB, but you can mod it, check out http://www.phpbbhacks.com/ for a long list of mods for your board.


IPB is still the best for me, too bad there is no auto install for it anymore on cpanel i do have 1.3 final, so when i need it i'll just use thatone.


Does anyone know how invision board can be integrated with Mambo. i.e, is any module or wrapper available for this purpose. I miss a decent forum in Mambo cms, otherwise it is the best.If anyone know of such a plugin.. please post the link....


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