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What Do You Think About The Lhc Experiment?


I followed the project on discovery channel and I really like it,and i feel sorry for those people who planned to sabotage the project.I really hope those sientists get wat they are looking for.


Ok maybe you are right and no blackholes will be created. But when the protons collide it will start a fusion reaction which is for now uncontrollable and if this happens the earth will become a fireball just as the sun

Perhaps you could go back and read my post earlier on in this thread. The Earth was predicted to be a barren wasteland, devoid of any atmosphere and therefore of any life, as a result of the first atomic bomb explosion, the Manhatten Project, back in 1945. People thought that the Trinity test of July 16, 1945 would do exactly what you are predicting here about the LHC experiment, that it would "start a fusion reaction which is for now uncontrollable". Doomsday predictions abound where knowledge is lacking. There is safety in the known, the tried and true. It is only when we try to push the boundaries that we come across the unknown. Even Christopher Columbus was told by many people of his time to not sail too far away, for he would fall off the edge of the Earth!


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