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Best Way To Transfer Files I just bought a laptop


I have found that the best way to transfer large files from desktop to laptop is by either taking out the harddrive from the desktop and creating it into an external harddrive for the laptop. By doing this i can copy and paste the files easily and it moves relatively fast. I have been doing this becasue i also have been having the same problems with creating networks and i still dont understand how to make one that actually works. Another way is by creating ur own harddrive enclosure (my friends dad made it for me). Although hardrive enclosure cost some money it is worth it becasue when you r friend is acking you to end him/her some files, lend him you hardrive and save your self a lot of stress instead of copying and pasting on a 1gb flash drive 15 times.

Here are some links that review the harddrive enclosure:

Be sure that you understand how to connect and disconnect you harddrive from you desktop
Don't go pulling all sorts of wires out of the motherboard!
Only take out the wire that is connected to the harddrive
note: harddrives come in different sized and type so be sure to get the right harddrive enclosure
or you may get a harddrive enclosure that is to small or two large for your own

Do Not format your harddrive as the link that i gave you stated
you want to tranfer file not creating a blank drive
formatting will delete everything off of your harddrive


I want to move files movies about 800 gig from my harddrive to media hard drive what is thefastest way?Best Way To Transfer Files

Hi guys I have a lot of movies I want to move from one harddrive to another and I want to do it a few times.

Could someone tell me is their a fast way to do this.At the moment I am doing it by usb and it takes foever.

It would be great if someone could help.

Thanks Regards 



You can transfer them via external HD, Burn files to CD or DVD, Transfer via hub, router, etc on LANPlenty of options


The simplest way you can set this up is to run NetMeeting on both computers and send the files across from one computer to another. Enter the IP address of the other computer to connect. As this occurs over the LAN, this is quite fast. If you're familiar with sharing folders in Windows, that'd definitely be a better option. Or you can setup an FTP server (FileZilla, included with XAMPP) to copy the files across via FTP.BTW, 15GB doesn't sound like much - you can use a 16GB flash drive to copy them all across. Portable hard drives can store upto 500GB. Or, better yet, plain ol' external USB hard drives can store up to 2TB (2,000GB).Regards,Nitin


Networking Xp and VistaBest Way To Transfer Files

To network xp and vista make sure you have service pack 3 on the xp computer and change the workgroup to the same as the vista pc and then you should be able to see the xp computer on your laptop. All you have to do from there is share the music folder with the rest of the network and you can just copy the files over. 

The reason for the upgrade to sp3 is that vista uses a different way of communicating with other pcs that is not integrated in xp until you upgrade to sp3. Good Luck

-reply by Mike George

Time Warner Cable SUCKS

new Dell Inspiron laptop for $729.99.

next time consider getting value, reliability, and performance for your money:









so you're limited to running a 32bit OS that can address enough ram to function fully... vista/win7 is out of the question then




satisfied, especially with the wireless internet

you must not have many wireless neighbors.. or you're really close to the AP




and the fact that I can carry my computer around with me




easy way to transfer some of my files from my old desktop computer to my new laptop?

Easy or faster?



easy: large flash usb drive from OCZ or Corsair


less easily: mount the old desktop drive to the laptop via eSata or firewire (with purchase of additional hardware)


Firewire400 is faster than USB2


eSata is faster than both



faster: mount both drives in the desktop as NON-boot drives and copy at will



faster and easy: share files on gigabit LAN


What you will need to do, is set up a "Hub" point. By this I mean, Take a useless desktop (that still works) it doesnt have to be wireless! Hook that directly into your Modem/ Router. Now anything you hook up to thiscomputer can become a network. For instance, I can control my printer wirelessly from this hub, Anything that isnt wireless can be made into wireless.</p><p> After you will want to go to your network settings, open to find everything that is connected to that computer. You can tranfer or anything. Another easy way is to "hub" your Xbox, Not sync it do not misunderstand my words. Then transfer everything off! I know this is a little vague, If you need any help let me know

Soviet Rathe

I tried hooking up an ethernet cable to connect the two computers, but that didn't seem to do anything.

Never connect two computers togather... NEVER
doing this you will run a high risk of shorting them out.
then you'll be out 2 computers

I guess you could use your IPod as a USB stick?


NOOOOOOO RULE ONENever connect two computers togather... NEVER
doing this you will run a high risk of shorting them out.
then you'll be out 2 computers

Erm... I've never heard of that happening Also, you can buy crossover ethernet cables specifically for connecting two devices together without using a router or switch. For example, a few years ago we had our desktop PC and XBox connected directly together via ethernet to share our Internet connection. Obviously nothing shorted out


Connect your ipod to the old computer and upload your music library using the SYNC command--then connect it to your dell and save your music into the MY Music folder using the sync process that is in Windows Media Player on the new computer. The SYNC command has never caused me to loose any songs.


Good Luck!



If you decide to burn the songs to cds it will take 15-20 of them seeing as how they only hold 750mb of data each.


Well you can use the Windows Easy transfer utility available in Windows Vista. If I'm not wrong Windows XP users can download it for free at microsoft.com/downloads.

You can buy a high-speed easy transfer cable.

You can purchase this cable from selected computer manufacturers and retailers.

Just check this page out: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


buy a external hardrive and just get all your stuff on there


*double posts by accident*


transfer files from hard driveBest Way To Transfer Files

my del lap top crashed and I bought a mac pro lap top bought a aluratek usb mac compatible transfer system and took out my hard drive from my del but for some reason it the hard drive dosen;t show up on my desk top  to transfer I get a pop up not readable,the hard drive should be ok it was the mother board that whent in my del can any one help

-reply by james grant


burn a CD onlineBest Way To Transfer Files

This site http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ allows you to :1- upload your files (up to 4Gb)2- They burn CD DVD or USB Key3- They mail it within USA or Canada within 12hWhen you want your recipient not to download: This is the ticket!

-reply by jean simon


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