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Global Warming Just a thought


Maybe we should try and ignore Politicians who use fear and hysteria to motivate the sheeple and simply try and live our lives in a way that would please Deity and be conservative in the way we impact the environment and the planet which sustains and nourishes us. I really don't think anything much more than common sense is required for this endeavor. There is probably, or possibly, a minimal affect caused by the presence of humans on the planet. But I'd suggest that it's a very select few people who do isolated and extraordinarily harmful things to the planet that even makes that previous statement correct. How many people did it take to set off two nuclear bombs in Japan to end WWII? Not very many, I think. The same small group of irritating people have been responsible for setting off many nukes, both above ground and below, since. While I do not think these events have impacted the surface temperature of the planet, they've clearly had an effect on the rates of cancer to populations living down wind from the test sites. You can do your own research on this. Southern Idaho in the United States is one example of a abnormally high rate of cancer. Another example is the trend that asthma has taken compared with the tests and with certain chemical factory emissions and their geographical locations. The United States Air Farce, I've heard, has come out and admitted it's been putting additives in the fuel of it's aircraft to cause a haze to form behind the planes when they're flying in order to block sunlight from warming the earth. It's clearly true that plane exhaust, weather or not it has additional chemicals, has a profound effect on the atmosphere as evidenced by the appearance of said skies on the days after 9/11 when all air traffic was grounded except for a few military flights (in North America) and of course chartered planes carrying the families of terrorists back to Saudi Arabia. But, on the topic, every moron on the planet, no matter how low his IQ, should be able to see that the weather remains and has always remained in constant flux and continues to change over time - weather it be a day or eons. What kind of idiot would believe that Climate Change could somehow be altered by a global carbon tax? AlGore is being paid millions to spread the propaganda. What excuse does the average Joe have? None. If the Powers That Be offered me $100M tax-free to promote Global Stupidity, I'd be happy to do so. Until then, I'll just have to tell it like it is. I'll be looking for that payment to be direct deposited into the account on file with the Infernal Revenue disService. And you'll notice that my posts will abruptly end the day that happens!


You have some good views watermokey. Maybe it is just bull. I think the al gore tax is just a schem to make money. Our goverments should spend there money on finding a solution to the problem instead of depending on us to finance the problem if such a problem exsits. They should also state the facts and stop missleding us in believing bull. If we are being handed bull I would like to know why?


Are we still having global warmming issues or is it now global cooling that all I seem to hear now?


Just keep telling yourself that global warming is real, and it'll all be fine.



What's causing ice to melt? Mud! Of course, how stupid of me, should have known.


The truthGlobal WarmingWar, money, the economy, these are only a few things that are troubling the world today, however the truth is those are minor things the people of the world should be worrying about yeah they are important but if we the people don?t focus on what is the main issue in today?s world we the people will not live long enough to see what our future holds for all mankind. First of all let me begin by saying take a look around you and tell me what you see. Don?t you find the weather to be kind of strange? Certain parts of the world are experiencing a change of climate wouldn?t that be enough to say that something is really wrong with our planet? It is in our nature as human beings to ignore the signs that the end will soon makes its presence because we have other things to worry about such as work, money, love, family etc?.Not knowing the truth will eventually catch up to us and bite us in the butt but even before the first sign of the end begins to occur it will be too late to try to make a change that?s why it is important to come together as a whole and try to come up with a strategy to limit the destruction of our global warming. A lot of sacrifice must take place so the change can begin, beginning with the factories that cause pollution to the air causing the shift of climate, yes many people will be out of jobs and a lot of businesses will be lost but wouldn?t that be better than losing your life? We the people have overcome the most devastating war known to man if we can overcome and continue to live and find a way around this global warming then there shouldn?t be an excuse why we can?t come up with a way to help those who helped save our planet.


Well.. What everyone's been saying is that humans are just accellerating the process, that the Amazon helps us reconvert greenhouse gases back to clean oxygen.There are many other factors, such as the natural release of these gases caused by volcanoes. There is also the possibility of the change of the Earth's magnetic field, where on a compass you can notice this change. The North and South poles are reversed. North becomes South, South becomes North. If you held a compass in the same place for a million years, you can see that its always changing.Back to the topic: Reversal of the pulls of the magnetic field causes the Earth to have a weaker magnetic field. The magnetic field helps block the Sun's harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays, which could heat up the planet significantly. What we're seeing now is a slow change in the magnetic field's pull. The magnetic field is getting weaker near the poles, causing a small area of the magnetic field of the Earth to become very weak (Near the North and South poles). This weakness is slowly letting more and more harmful UV rays seep into the Earth, causing the polar ice caps to melt slowly.Remember, the magnetic field change is only a small factor, but it still affects the Earth's climates.The Earth moves heat from the equator to the polar ice caps, and the Ice cap's cold air is moved near the equator, generally.Humans contribute to harmful gas emmisions from new technology, such as cars, factories, etc.Magnetic Field's strength getting weaker.These are the only two I know of, or have heard of.


I find it hard to believe that we are the cause of global warming. The world is always changing I mean we had an ice age, and at one time all the land was one big mass. Where I live we have a lake that was formed by a glazer it is one of the deepest made glazers around, well with that in mind I dont see any glazers around here. I am not aying that we don't contribute to global warming but, the world is always changing. Look at the glazer melt downs I mean what about the lost city of antlantic did it sink or just get flooded? I think the enedibal is the earth is going to change weather or not we help it or not, its just a matter of time.Let me know your thoughts.

really yes..global warming is an enormous cause of disturbing harmony on the earth.but i want to know that how much time will it take to completely melt the pole's ice.i mean how much time will it take for us to be completely destroyed???
i think either we don't want know the story and mood of nature or we are riding ourselves far from truth and don't want to accept the truth.


really yes..global warming is an enormous cause of disturbing harmony on the earth.but i want to know that how much time will it take to completely melt the pole's ice.i mean how much time will it take for us to be completely destroyed???i think either we don't want know the story and mood of nature or we are riding ourselves far from truth and don't want to accept the truth.

Well... I doubt it will be during our generation.

If current pollution rates are steady, I'd say 2000 years?

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