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Will Computers Take Over Earth? Computers taking over the world


Someday robots will have the ability to think and decide themselves but how this will be done is somthing unknown. I think someday machines will take most of the human places and they will do most of the works but i think that day will not be the end of human being because the humans are still managing and controlling them. I think the most dangerous ability a robot can have is the ability to dislink itself from network. this ability could lean to dangerous situations as the robot thinks and decides it self and there isn't any link to it to control. But all of these are only imagination right now and no one knows what happens in future. I don't think that computers can take over the earth because we will defeat them if they want .


Well in the robot form thats still a little ways off but in the daily life thats all ready here. When we have another power grid failure seeing that it really hasn't been upgrade to handle large solar flare up like the one in the 1800's. The scientist have said it is not if but when it will happen again, also when the grid goes down it would take many months if not yrs to get the grid up again. No power , no store open for supplies, no tv, no Internet, no fuel, no banks, no communication systems. All if these in a large part are control by computers in this day and age with out them we are just sent back to the 1500's. ah a good cowboy hat and horse and your good. lol

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