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hey dude i would say if you want to buy an Ipod (depending on how big your hands are no offense) I say get an ipod nano but if your hands are bigger maybe a ipod video or ipod mini because my brother snapped his ipod nano because he has big hands or get what ever is the cheapest or search ebay or something


get a ipod nano 2nd gen


i would defently go for the nano...my friends have the video one which is 30GB and i just dont like it...too big nano is the best because you can store the money and alot of it and u can even put it in the mini pocket of your jeans well they wouldnt fit on my jeans due to the fact that i wear xtra tight jeans...lol no im not gay..


I remember when ipods were popular, I went for the iRiver 40 gb. It had great reviews, and I've used it ever since. It's fantastic, and while its not as flashy as the ipod it's much easier to connect via USB. It made a great portable external hard drive as well.


i would recommend the ipod but it all depends on the situation you need it for. my friend decided to buy an ipod shuffle out of all them which is the worst one becausse he skateboards and its small. i would recommend the ipod nanno 2-4 gb if you'r looking for a dence cheap ipod. if you want the best of the best you could always get the ipod video with about 80 gb holding up to 20k songs. zunes are cool i'v never had one so i can recommend it.


I am an anti-Apple person for no reason whatsoever, so don't be surprised when I say...Get a Creative Zen. :XD: If you're willing to throw down the cash for it, one of your best bets would be to snag a Creative Zen Vision: M 60GB. I guarantee that you won't need to buy another MP3 player for quite some time after buying that sucker.I compared it to its iPod equivalent, and although it doesn't KILL the iPod, it certainly has advantages over it that most people may find appealing:* the Zen's color display shows a whopping 262,000 colors to the iPod's 65,000* the Zen "supports DRM-protected WMA files, meaning you can stock it with songs purchased from any number of online stores. The iPod, of course, limits your shopping to iTunes Music Store. The Vision:M is also Janus compatible, so you can stuff it with tunes downloaded from subscription services such as Napster To Go. At the moment, iPod users have no such option."* the iPod though can "grab some first-rate TV shows from iTunes Music Store--a prospect Zen owners will have to envy for the moment."* the Zen "supports a much wider variety of video formats than the iPod: DivX, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, and XviD among them"* the iPod wins with using just one program (iTunes) to manage everything on the MP3 player, whereas "Creative forces you to use four separate programs: ZenCast Manager, Media Explorer, MediaSource Organizer, and Sync Manager"All information quoted from CNet's comparison review... which I just now find out that they took off. (There's just the voting part there now.)


but still rayzoredge, he's looking for an ipod to buy. So I dont think getting a zen really matters for him. I have the ipod Video 30 gb and its been the love of my life. It's amazing, yeah it might not have all the options of the Zune or the Zen but its one great mp3 player. It's never failed on me and the battery is great! If your into using for exercises or activities in that nature then get a nano. if you just one of those people who want to sit in a car/plane etc. then get a video. the size is up to you, depending what kind of person you are and how many songs/videos you have.


I recommended a 4gb nano for you

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