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  1. Lineage2, alot of skills, perfect PvP and PvE systems, buggless (in global) and soulshots makes it more beutiful also skills are beutiful
  2. Well i played Lineage2 it wasn't free but i played in free servers it was really a good game, but i got bored of it )
  3. Well... I'm sure some of you played a famous RPG game FallOut2... The story was that... You are someone that survived a atomic war, some guy with patrols killed your families and other people from Vault 13, so you were the only survivor from there, you lived in a small village in the north-west of the world... Then you were the chosen one to find G.E.C.K. and save this village... And other stuff... Well if you played it you should remember... But now for the Good News... After 2 Atempts The FallOut3 is still in developing by Bathesda Soft... So here's the official fan site of fallout Any fans of FO Chat about it here !
  4. Erh... I was playing it, but the comment is: It's really a kick *bottom* game But i didn't finished it all =\
  5. Well as i said not really alternative, but all of the fans chat here I'm personaly a fan of Slipknot and Corey Taylor
  6. Hmmm... I would agree to that you could ask her for a date or smth... Well... Maybe spend some a little more time with her... And after sometime you could ask her for a more serious relationship... Maybe it will work, i really dunno my GirlFriend asked me first :| So really i couldn't get any good advice, i'm not that experienced at that stuff...
  7. No avice, just buy it ! I would recommend 4gb ipod NANO
  8. Genocide is a massive destruction/termination of something... Like in abt 1942 WW2 Nazi's Started a genocide against jews... It was in lithuania and other countries... It was almost horrible like in the Genocide buildings jews were being killed... There is also a Genocide building or whatever it's called in Kaunas - Lithuania "Fort 9" i think...
  9. hmmm... I don't think that merging pc with a human would be a good idea, but maybe it could let's say smth to remember more, or music inside you, or smth that could help you move faster, or stuff those inventions in your body would maybe be cool cuz i think every teen that goes to school would really like to prepare faster for egzams so like memory saver or stuff could help it, or going somewhere far a something that could help you walk would be great ! Well maybe 20 years later we will have something implanted in our bodies
  10. Well if you have good ventiliation system on your pc, then yeah it's not bad for your pc... But if you really don't then yeah, it can heat up and restart or stuff... By the way what's the point of holding your pc 24/7 if you're running a server or downloading smth big ? It could be bad for your health because of the radiation... So think about it
  11. I think phpbb is better, cuz of the possibilitys, and it's easy to use or modify
  12. Sorry if there any topics like this... Well maybe alot of u don't believe in them, or some of you thinks that i'm childish or foolish, but i dunno why, I believe in them... I dunno why i just do... But the thing is alot of you may imaginate them as dead humans or stuff... But by the facts they r just like dust balls, well post your thinking about them P.S. Sorry for my bad english... Notice from KuBi: Added quotes to the links, credits are earned by posting link after link. Warning issued.
  13. why the hell did they do that ? Aliens ar Valuable !!!
  14. hmmm... You r a one lucky guy, that you managed to find a gf trough internet, ussualy that kind of relations don't last long...
  15. hmmmm... It's like teleportation... Well at least i saw it like done by Criss Angel...
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