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Are There Any Cheats For Sherwood Mmorpg


Anyone know if there are any cheats for sherwood, i already know the standard codes like teleport and server changing but i need to know if there are any REAL cheats like how to edit stats ect, so if anyone knows any, could ya plaease speak up coz i need to tell someone so i can get a real fight and not newb fighting coz newb fighting is just too easy.........or even maid marian, if you use this, could you try adding cheats so we can get up higher plzif you could i'd be heaps apreciative k?Thx


Sory, but there are not cheats for that game.Its would be injust for players if you can do somthing the dont.


yes thare is and it is .......... /teleport1 /teleport2 /teleport3 /teleport4


I've never really liked using cheats, because I would think it would take away the appeal of the game. It's bad enough playing them when you know other people are doing it. It sort of ruins it for the fair players... so long as it's interactive with other people that is... anyway... why not just work your way up to being strong, instead of looking for the easy way out?


It would seem that perhaps you are one of these 'newbs' you say are easy to defeat in a fight. Anyone that has been playing Sherwood for any length of time knows that when fighting player versus player, the levels of the players is irrelevant. The ONLY time levels make any difference in that games is when fighting monsters.The things that matter when fighting another player is what level 'health restore' ring you have and the tactics you use.How do I know this? When I was a level 20 player, I was able to defeat players 200 levels higher than me. If levels made a difference, they should have been able to kill me with their first blow.If you REALLY want to gain levels, do quests in the dungeons, that is the quickest to gain levels. I know because I am now a level 374 player. You need to put the time and effort in, stop looking for a cheat's way out, there isn't one.


yes there are cheats... "fast hit" "running at the speed of light" "invulnerability" and "critical strike"these arent normal cheats...these are hacksmods...fast running and fast hit are sooo much funyou can strike your enemy and before they can say "wtf?" youll be behind then unloading devestatingly fast hits.... how do you get these mods? I HAVE NO CLUE loli met a person with these sort of mods though... he kept to him self so it was very hard get the infoit was fun fighting him, youd attack him and he would already be have way across the battelfeild slaughtering everyone in that path, it was sooo funny people were totaly scratchin theyre heads over ittheyd be standing there and "BOOM" dead.. they dont even know what hit them... i wish i preasured him more in to telling me how... but then the last thing that sherwood needs is a bunch of noobeteers running left and right as if they just broke out of jail.. so in a way its kind of best he didnt can understand how such information like that cant be leaked.


Advise to new players


I don't know of any cheats except possibly GOD MODE which I have heard people talking about but I have never used it.


But the best way to win battles with other players is to use the tricks of the game to your own advantage!!! By tricks I mean using the way the game itself is set up, (no outside codes)


One of my favorite tricks is the blocking trick.

if you block successfully 3 times in a row, your next clean shot will do double or triple damage to your opponent. this is especially effective when you are beginning to lose a fight.

Block 1,2,3 hit, block 1,2,3 hit, and so on until you destroy your opponent. Also, most newbies will think they have beaten you so they will be more aggressive and block less, leaving themselves open for the final shot.


Also there is a trick to casting your talisman that most newbies wont know.

Your greatest danger in a fight is when you cast your talisman because you leave yourself open for counter attack. So more experienced players develop ways of guarding they're exposed arm as quickly as possible. My way of guarding myself is to hold ctr-shift while I hit tab which makes my hand not go up at all or very slightly, thus more protected against a stab. Experienced players will exploit your unguarded cast to great advantage. Sometimes fights are won or lost in that way.


One final note to new players, in this fighting game patience is a requirement to winning. All newbies must learn this. Wait for the opening don't try to force your way in that is the surest path to defeat. Don't just hammer away at your opponent, that will just leave you open to counter-attacks. I cant stress this enough Keep Practicing!!! Blocking often and striking only when you have an open shot will give you the best chance to win!!! DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!




Advise to new players continued ......


Timing is a critical element in Sherwood Dungeon. All newbies get frustrated early in their playing experience because winning against seasoned players is so hard. Keep in mind that veteran players have honed their skills and developed a sense of timing, by this I mean the precise time to attack and or block. One of the most realistic features of the game is that a player can not block continually for long periods of time. The shield in their hand will move up and down as the player presses ctr-shift, making opportunities for the more experienced player to score a hit while the other is blocking. By watching the movement of the shield or arm, a good player will throw shots that will go around the defense and score hits.


Also, the experienced player will adapt the flow of his or her attacks to the pattern of the other player's. By this I mean that each player has a flow or rhythm of fighting, and so an experienced player can anticipate when his opponent will attack, and attack or block accordingly. The experienced player will match his or her fighting style to that of their opponent, giving them a sense of when their oppenent will strike, and thus allowing him to strike first. This takes time to learn and is as much instinct as intellect. Don't get frustrated! these players did not become good overnight and neither will you. give yourself time and practice to learn the art of fighting, just as you would learn any other discipline.


Watch more experienced players learn from them, ask them to show you what they have learned. The more you hang around truly good players the better you will become. I have learned much from my friends, Beast, LuckyStrike, WarEagle, Ghost-Rider Col.GrenDel and many others. Find players that want to help and listen to them.




his is a Sherwood Dun. Money and Potion Hack Tutorial(Working on HP/MP/DMG)


All you need is Cheat Engine 5.3! Find it with google..



Potion Hack


1.Open the game up at http://www.maidmarian.com/

2.Connect to the game

3.Type in /level 4

4.Search for your amount of potions

ex. if you have 4 pots then search 4

5.You will get alot of addresses.

6.Then use one potion so you have 3 left then search 3 in C.E.

7.1,2 or 3 Addresses will show up edit all their values to the amount of potions you like!

8.Use a potion then.....



Money Hack


1.Open the game up at http://www.maidmarian.com/

2.Connect to the game

3.Go to the Merchant

4.Search for your amount of Gold

ex. if you have 100 coins then search 100

5.You will get alot of addresses.

6.Then buy an item then your money will deduct. You will have ex. 50 Coins Left. search 50

7.1,2 or 3 Addresses will show up edit all their values to the amount of Money you like!

8.Use a potion then.....



These Work So good thanks much m8 cant wait for the dmg hack a few months ago my friend was playing around and he like multipled his guy 10times and they were all in the same spot continuesly attacking if you walked into em bam dead and he crashed the server! too so pretty cool hope to get those other hacks m8 plz pm me if you need help i am very expierenced with WPE TSearch Artmoney and CE3.5


deathguises, how do you use them cheats like do you put your name as it? or do you do /then it so how do you do it?-Callum


There are plenty of sherwood hacks!

QUEST HACK: ---Only 1 monster per quest

1. Get a 10 monster quest and search 10 in CE. Kill a monster, search 9. 10 because it gives the most exp.
•Remember FOR ALL SHERWOOD HACKS, the result will always start with 0. And second will always be either, 8,9,A,B,C,5. This way you can guess what the right 1 is.
--DON'T CHANGE WRONG VALUE! It can result in sherwood closing.
After searching 9, you should get a decent amount of results. If you get too many, just kill another monster and re scan.

INFINITE TALISMAN---Use talisman as many times as you want in a row, or always have speed talisman.

1. You will need a speed talisman. Equip 1. (It makes it easier, but actually is not REQUIRED)
2. Press tab to make the bar yellow. Search 1 in CE. (REMEMBER, FIRST TIME IS FIRST SCAN. SECOND TIME IS NEXT SCAN.)
3. Press Ctrl now (don't press it until you get to this step.) The bar starts draining while your speed talisman is in effect. Immediately search 2 (next scan.)
4. When the bar empties, it will start to refill. It is now blue. Search 3 in CE.
5. This will give you the result. Change the value and freeze to 0.
--You may think this isn't hitting the enemy or cause it doesn't do damage. This is just lag. It does damage.
If you want to do it without speed talisman, Simply use 0=Full, and 3=Filling.
Also, if you freeze it at 0, you will get infinite talisman, but speed talisman will be useless. If you want unlimited speed talisman, freeze it at 1. This will make others not work, but you will have inf Speed.

DUNGEON WARP ---Go to any floor despite your level.

1. Go to floor 1. Scan 1.
2. Go to floor 2 scan 2.
3. Keep going to floors and searching value.
4. When you find result, change value to what floor you want. The monsters will become that level. When you die, you appear on that floor.
••By the way you can go to floor 15 million ++

NAME HACK--Longer name, No name, illegal name.

1. Make your sherwood name look EXACTLY LIKE THIS: iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. (If you want, -iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii- works too) Another words 29 i's, or 27 i's with a - on each side. On CE MAKE BYTES=TEXT. Make sure to check : Also Scan read only memory. Ok In Ce first scan iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. You will get 2-3 BLACK results. Double click all black results. Change value to what you want your name to be.
2. Now delete an i from your name on sherwood log in screen. Funny name, huh? Delete the box you see (very closest thing to the log in icon.)
••Thats it!
--D O N O T. Make your name with spaces, or alts that the game wont allow such as: †,Ž,Š,™,œ,Ł, ETC ETC. you will get banned.

Invincible!!!!!!!!!!!---Take NO damage

•Do unknown initial value, now take damage until your almost dead.
•Once your almost dead (make sure you go somewhere where you wont take damage AND HURRY!)
•Ok when you attack your health doesn't go up. Let it go up a little and start attacking to stop it. Now click value increased and scan it. (you can attack while in CE hold ctrl.)
•Now let it go up a little, then block and scan Value increased until you get a result. Let it get full then freeze it.
--See Green's post for further help.

FOR MANY MORE THEN THOSE: GO TO MY NEW FORUM: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


Well I know how to duplicate items... you go to back pack then scroll the item you want to duplicate of the page then press ctrl+w THEN POOF YOUR RICH-Dude


Well this isn't a cheat but I saw some one ON the ceiling!And to get to the next level,fight monsters under YOUR level xp.By, the way it works cos with that I got to level xp 11.


I got a pretty cool glitch to turn your helmet gold first you go up to a knight or something then when it lights youon fire you switch your helmet a bunch then one of your helmets will be gold.[Hint] Other players cant see it but its cool


I never used a cheat but I no ones like one hit death and running at the speed of light but I need to find a better way to get more cheats its very fun


How to walk at the walls. just scroll the page up&down but first move back a little bit then forced forward ok pls tell if there are other cheats thanks =)-ouch


You must get a dagger of dark powers and then you must attack a venom spider and if you kill it you get NAN gold


Thanks shwaggy for the cool hacks. they helped a lot-Marty


I really want to fly it looks so so so so so KEWL, and also super speed. I know how to fight fast with enhancement of speed but running the speed of lite is gotta be a hack. I have no idea how to run fast. -bradley

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