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World Of Warcaft Free Trials? Anywhere I can get one?


Hello, I used to play WoW a LONG time ago, I have no idea what my account name was, so re-activating is out of the question, but I'd like to get back into it, but I'd much rather start over with a free trial, so...anyone know where I can find one?


some guy on d2jsp posted a lot of them...see if they are still there


Why don't you do a fast google? You are certainly going to find something usefull... Is this game really nice? I always get confused with World Of Warcraft and Warcraft 3? Which one is the online one? O.oAnd which, in your opinion, is the best one? I might try playing it for free in a trial also! xD


There is biig difference between warcraft 3 and world of warcraft, warcraft 3 is like tiberiun sun and WoW is like renegade, I mean warcraft 3 give you a base to build and people to move, but WoW is actionnely playing the role of a one person in a huge world, it is a fantastic game, I played from couple of years ago, but I got bored, I recommand everyone to play this game, but it is big( more than 3 gb) and need a fast connection and a good working computer.


WoW COMES with a free 10 day trial. If you haven't used it yet you might wanna find the key for it. That's the ONLY free trial WoW offers. If you find another one it's probably illegal.


@HadiBy your description, I really got excited to play World Of Warcraft... I don't like strategy games as much as mmorpg games... and I guess WOW is a mmorpg right?Right now, I'm not going to be able to play it as I don't have the necessary space to install it on my HD... I have to record somethings on a DVD first...

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where i live at Wal-Mart you can get a 14 day trial for like $1.99. i was actually thinking about getting one just so i can know if i will like it or not. ya but that is the only place i know where to get them


Ok, thank you all! I looked on the WoW website and found a ten day free trial, I've decided to start playing again, so see my on the Thrall realm in November


If anyone needs a free trial key, then PM me


If anybody needs a free trial key, I would love it if you guys send me an email or PM, I will gladly send you guys a key.


BEFORE EDIT: After reading this post ive decided to search far and wide for the trial...well not so far, or wide but i found it anyway! The problem is this stupid blizzard downloader its so stupid, it doesn't seem to have resume capabilities for a frikkin 3gb download! Which means that if the estimated time is right, which it wont be but it wont be far out, this download wont finish till midnight...useful. So does anyone know a direct link t the file if such a link exists?
Im assuming its a bit like a torrent file and cant be downloaded and used directly which is annoying but im hoping im wrong. Id also like it to be legal and safe if that's possible, they're already after me , joking but damn i cant be dealing with such a stupid download! Any ideas?

And ive tried to optimise my connection by sitting twiddling my thumbs not surfing the net or using the machine, shut down my firewall for a little while but it had no impact. Useless machines! Im going delirious from a lack of caffeine too, not fun!

EDIT: The downloader does have resume but it doesnt say so you just run it again and save it in the same location as before and it catches up


I would really like a free trial for this game. I have heard many good things about it and it the latest trailer for the new one looks really good. I can't wait to finally try the game. I hope i am able to find a free trial somewhere because i think i would really like it and won't to buy it.


As Kubi mentioned earlier, World of Warcraft comes with a Free 10 Day Trial if you download it straight from their site. If you want a direct link: us.battle.net/account/activation/landing.html?key&product=WOWC Alternatively I've seen many game stores (like Electronics Boutique) have this in a disk form for AU$2, which I believe is a slightly longer trial at 14-days. My cousin was trying to get me to purchase it, but I have the feeling I'd get hooked - and I don't really want to spend that much time on an MMORPG if I can help it


Just make sure you download the right version for where you are, if you live in Europe there is a link on the site above you should follow. Only an hour left of downloading now


Also, aren't there any private servers for this thing (as well as any other massive multiplayer rpg that I know of)...

I googled it and found out this page :

Maayyybe, you don't even HAVE to pay anything...(it's the vitali way )

I for one played lineage2 for a couple of weeks in a greek server (B'n' and then understood how much time I'm losing for a silly game and just quit it...no remorse really cause I hadn't paid any money for the foolishness. Reminds me of the southpark episode...

"I don't have a WoW account, I've got a life" (Sic)


Or Alternatively, when a mate gets a game, theres usually a 10-day pass with a code on it. No need for specific CD, just borrow a CD from a mate.


Replying to Voidless_ShadowsJust go to the gamefaqs.Com and then go to the pc cheats and tip in world of war craft then go below and click on the worldofwarcraft .Com and start your trial.-reply by joshua


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