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Award To Trap17 for admin and wassie



This is for Xisto admin and wassie. But please dont think that the work all the moderators and other admins put in go unnoticed this just all the time i had to do one during my lunch hour. Great work to all of you out there.


Yeah I would definitely have to thank the entire staff of Xisto for creating such an awesome site.


yes, same here, without you, i wouldnt have a website!This is truely the best free host i have ever been with.


i'm... honourd


Yeh excellent work Spectre, Wassie and Admin :)Your services are much appreciated and we are very greatful.Occasionaly you come accross the bad members, but the majority of members are good and honest people :DWe look forward to supporting your work in the futureMay Xisto live for ever


Trystim is right...Great job being done by admin, wassie and all admins and mods. recently ably supported by prodigy.My good wishes to all of you... and may Xisto live forever!


Good job Trap 17 team.....Its a great site and would have never come this far if it wasn't for you. Lets have 3 chears for the team....hurra....hurra...hurra.....Thanks for this great service.


Yeh mate this is an awsum site, just here to give me appreciation like.. OK i is off to make me a pot noodle, bie!!(LOL)Nah, guys this is def. the best site i have come accross for a while and keep up the good work...


Oh my gawd Trystim what a cute award .... It's well sweet....I reckon trap should have a award page where all the HOSTED people make lickle awards for them that are all different for Xisto...that would be well sweet <3


Yea I also wanna use this beautiful opportunity to say thank you very much to all the Xisto team and staff. Most especially, admin and wassie and spectre (The makers of Xisto)


I am very grateful to you all for all the assistance and help you've been giving to all of us here in Xisto. Without you, I wouldnt have gotten my free website.


Thanks you very much once again


yes, congratulations for being one of the best hosts in the world :(xboxrulz


The admin and wassie - along with the help of the more recently recruited admins (including Zenchi, prodigy, and Rival) - have been taking care of the forums latelyy without any help whatsoever from me. So I don't really deserve any credit. Thanks anyway, odomike.


you do spectre,you have this little tough to the technical things... on Xisto


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