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M2i Heliodisplay The newest free-space projector


Right thats it you can close the technology section down now, The perfect piece of new technology has been found. Now how long do I have to wait till I can throw away my keyboard, monitor and mouse? This is about as intuitive as it gets computer interface wise, baring mind control natch. Do you recon they have a test scheme I can get on for free, $9000 is a bit out of my students price range ah well at least the future can begin. now to get working on teleporters and I'll be all set.Seriously this coupled with voice control is probably the next step in HCI (Human Computer Interface) as it offers a simple way to navigate (just imagine the Vista flip feature but in actual 3D space, cool huh?) Ok so I won't be investing in this yet but its nice to know that it is there for when I perfect perpetual motion and become mega rich.

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