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Cloning Technology new life creating progress


i think cloning is pretty cool, i have no problems with it as long as they dont abuse the power and as long as they dont create a super hybrid of two creatures that will take over the world like in movies! lol ive heard weird storys which are obviously fake about cloning incidents like a wolf/lion thing. just crazy


This isn't that cloning always means creation of a new individual. Cloning technology has got plenty of usefulness. Lets say an example..A person's liver is damaged sevely due to cirrhosis. It can not be replaced without killing other healthy human. As everyone has only one liver in 'stock' nobody can donate it. What remains in option? Transplantation from other species like chimpanzee. This option is only temporary and the person will survive only for few days or months. His own immune system will start rejecting the transplanted organ saying it of foreign origin.

usefull?!? there is NOTHING usefull about "playing god". now i'm not technically religious in nature, but i do believe in a higher power and i do believe in nature. you are talking about the fountain of youth where anything can be cloned, therefore, eventually, there is no death. we are not talking about fixing a computer or a t.v. with new parts, we are talking creating and killing living things! usefull? BLAH! what's the usefullness of extending human life or other forms of life that never die? sounds good but does anything think of the long term affects rather than the short term ones. this technology may save a life or two in the short run, but will kill us all in the long run. what will this techology promote? bad eating habits? drink all ya want because we can just go down and get another liver? it will promote laziness just like all the other technology that people say is GOOD. then, who decides who's life is worth saving? will this be another form of darwin's theory? you may be able to replicate flesh, but you will never be able to replicate a soul or spirit as that has no dna attatchment and natures energy at it's finest. there will ALWAYS be a cycle and there is nothing good about this cycle. what is bad now will be accepted later only to improve techology and laws and create future speculations until those are accepted. we are GIVING IN! and the sad part is, i see it every day in our country how people give in because they are WEAK and LAZY as our government controls us slowly and gradually that we don't see the changes and the control until it's out of hand....like RIGHT NOW but they give us things so we SETTLE. most media is controled by the government. the form in which most of us gather information as knowledge. BLAH! does the government want cloning? YUP! will they admit to it? NOPE! why? because it is unaccepted for now in the majority.....but watch and learn because this is yet another cycle that will be fed through the media to eventually be a good thing and the government will control it and win?

the reply i replied to is already feeding in to that so called knowledge that has already been released. what about all the future negative consequences they will never tell you about? think for yourselves people and don't be STUPID! gather your own information from more than a few sources and THEN draw an objective conclusion.

the way the world is today and all this cloning crap that will ruin the world eventually is the crap that always made me think if i wanted to bring a child in to this world. but for now, i will just watch other irresponsible parents do that just to collect welfare or for their own slaves or trophies to brag to others about. then in another 20 years, i will read about this famous child in the papers. one who blew up yet another federal building....or shot up his school.

is death that scarey that we have to prolong life? has it ever occured to anyone that we were meant to die because there is more out there that we are meant to experience than life here on earth? now i am gonna go and smoke a pack of cigarettes knowing that when i get to the age where i need new lungs, i can purchase them no problem....and all you fat people out there don't have to worry anymore because you can purchase a new motabolism.....women....your in luck....no need to purchase those fake nails anymore. you can purchase the deluxe nails from years of tweaking and mixing dna. wow! we are all saved! i love that usefullness!

we can all be proud that we will never be the same or ourselves anymore. our life will be inbedded in technology and from that point on we will never be able to brag about how different or unique we are.
gee....i can hardly wait. sounds so usefull! BLAH! they will have to implant me a new brain before i find anything usefull about it....but that's where we are heading and eventually we will all conform to this technology....maybe not us, but our kids! but hey....NO CRIME right? ahhhh it's coming....and anyone who doesn't find it SICK is disturbing to me. i can't wait til one day we can all say that we are directly related to eachother....the best of the best after years of cloning. you retards out there like me are out of luck, NO WAY are they gonna clone any part of ya! and those fences you see in the country aren't just gonna be for cows anymore

i think cloning is pretty cool, i have no problems with it as long as they dont abuse the power and as long as they dont create a super hybrid of two creatures that will take over the world like in movies! lol ive heard weird storys which are obviously fake about cloning incidents like a wolf/lion thing. just crazy

yea dude, cloning is k-kool! you probably haven't hit puberty yet so i wont blame you for comparing cloning to a movie or video game. you haven't seen the true destructiveness of technology yet except when they discontinued the "street fighter" revolution. that's ok though. they will be looking for people like you who have that conformist gene you have to offer.

i can't wait til the day we are refered to as "human compatible" because there will be copyright protection for this technology


The Project is extreamly dangerous, Slow, and has only 2 purposesA. Slave army B. CLoning the Perfect Soldiers. to make more "perfect Soldiers"You gotta think, You're risking human life, and when this sheep is born, how low does it last? a matter of weeks, maybe days.The system is far from perfection, and cloning doesnt clone u so if u die, you just continue life from that clone, nope that is impossible, a clone is separate being.


Guys, "Cloning Technology" - Problem or Solution???


What happens in cloning in very simple terms is that reproduction occurs by a man-made process. Genetic material is reproduced into a mechanical physical way instead of by the combination of two different genetic materials.

The result is that the properties of the cloned individual are identical to the donor of the original genetic material. If you took a cell from me and cloned it, you would have a person who would have my physical properties.

He would not have my memory or even my personality, but he would have my eye color, hair color, sex, height, skin color, etc. If you took five cells from my body and cloned them, you could produce five individuals physically like me.


these thought totally like me and i copied it from http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ with my remarks.


I think cloning technology may cause more viruses and disease in our life.Or it might make life boring, exiting or short.If you look at cloning in the way of god,It's not right, our life shortens, uses double energy, splitting spirits. NOT RIGHT.If you look at it in medical way of thinking.It is dangerous, far too dangerous for wealth and safety.might cause death or things like HIV, just ain't safe enough for human to attempt.Or if you look that it in a scientific way,this is amazing technology, things change, blend to the new perspective.Cloning is just another being, another Thing, just like twins.but no one can guarantee things will go right.If you ask me, I would say:"Make more tests on mammals first, to make sure everything will go right."

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