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Test Your Intelligence!


Hi there,

So you think you have the best brains to take out these puzzles ??

Here it is, this puzzle was created as part of IRIS, a B-school festival. There are so many levels to crack and i'm sure it will be so addictive.

Click Here


It don't work like having some one actually do it. They dont actually get your iq because they arent as accurate.


Yes, it is not accurate but it does twist your brain. It actually is not just puzzle, it makes you learn new things too in order to solve those puzzles. Just try playing a few levels and you'll really get addicted to it.


lol they are so hard. i only knew the first 2. then i looked at the code for the godess one and then im stuck. lol.


Actually. If made correctly it could be accurate. But the questions would have to be designed just right. And if the what you get correct is set up right. It could be accurate. Very accurate. But not as good as having someone come in and test you and check it and do all that.


I cant find the answer to number four, the one with the red background and a white uncomplete B. Or heibe in German, I dont know.


A real iq test takes hours to complete and cant be one over the internet. This tests are nothing more then fun puzzles meant for amusement


Very addicting. I only have gotten to level 4. I had to look up the rainbow goddess on Google. I had forgotten. I lost it in my mind til I read it cause I learned about it in history class. I have no idea what the 4th one is lol. Oh well.


I'm stuck on the fourth one as well. There's a clue in the Source, but I don't understand it... but I got the rest of them straight away.

Notice from rejected:
Change first to fourth


I'm stuck on the first one as well. There's a clue in the Source, but I don't understand it... but I got the rest of them straight away.

How can you have got the rest of them if you're stuck on the first one?


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