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  1. hm that one dosent really work. it just shows a line called array. and yes i made the directory name right i tried a number of possiblities/pics/, /pics, ./pics, ./, /, pics/, picsdont know what else i could try but ive come to the conclusion that this script is faulty
  2. well i mean i can do it its just that i cant get the table to be like i want it. it always makes it a bit stupid. -
  3. hm i suppose i could do that myself with an array or? but what i want it to do automaticly. and thats what i cant do. i want it go through each of the folders where the script is run. and list the files. then look through the subfolders to see if theres any subfolders there ect. i hope this is not to hard to code. if it only works with one level of subfolders i suppose that would be ok too.
  4. So lets say i have folders called friends and work in a folder called pics. how would i make a function that lists the files in those folderscalled images kinda like this: $directory = "./"function listfiles($directory) {//here should go the script to list the files in those directories. so that i can continue to work with them. like for example if there were images it would list all the images and i could write a script to make a thumb of them and then save it into a thumb folder(not asking for all of that). but how would i make it list it. // basicly what i need is a loop for the files and a echo that lists them. } the key point in my question is that it repects subdirectories. which is important forthe script i wanna make. any ideas?
  5. hm yeah i tried witht hat but it dosent seem to work ><
  6. Ingenius. Thanks a lot ill look for a claneder thing. Never thought about that. But now for the actual learning effect. How would be a simple way to do this. Well a bit simple anyways. theres nothing simple about php im sure all the prefeabricated calender scripts are highly sophisticated and impossible to learn from if you want to learn how to do somehting.
  7. Hey i have a little problem with my php script. i dont really know how to make it work ^^; I want to have this exact table: [link] ' I made mysql table that has one column for id(auto-increment, primary key), and then it has row and collumn and text. row means which row in the html table and collumn wich collum. (obviously ) here is the mysql table screenshoted from phpMyAdmin: r means row and c collumn anyways somehow i want to load all those datas into the html table....how do i do this? lol. i tried a few things with a while funciton and some things but my browser always crashed when i opened the page....^^; and now you might be asking why do i want to do all this if i can just have a html table? well the answere is that i want to be able to edit the table better. so if you can also tell me how to do this next thing it would be great. i want to have that table but each table cell should have a text area of a form. and then it loads the info from mysql into it and then you can press save if you changed it and then it updates all of the mysql things. the important thing here is that it loads the data that it already has or when it updates all the fields it would just insert blank stuff except where you changed it yourself. i hope you can all understand this and help me with my problem
  8. If there is one company that I love the most in the internet im sure it would be godaddy.com Their customer service is so nice. Ive been having problems with my domain name for quite some time now. (which isnt their fault but they had to deal with me calling them all the time and they were so nice every time. ) And when i wanted to transfer my domain name to a diffrent host where it would work they gave me a message on my answeing machine to accept the KK transfer for domains and gave me the companys presidesnt number to call back. Then when i called him he was like "hello godaddy.com president who am i talking to " and i said "Hello my name is Lucas Seidenfaden" and then he knew exactly who i was. He said "Oh our calling from germany right?"I mean seriously wow. If they had shares for their customer service I would so buy. Im pretty sad that it didnt work out with them. But .de domains are hard
  9. What you could do is make one main menu with just the main things and then when the person clicks that you have a submenu which you can emphasise as a submenu by either giving it a diffrent color (background or text) and also moving it a bit to the right of the main menu so that the person can see that its a submenu. I think this is a little bit hard to do if you arnt very experience in web coding and dont know php but if you want to do it the hard way in html and have a html site for each page then you can just code each site by hand :)Or You can for example ground Essential sites IMO and My favorite sites into just one link which is LINKS and then you have those sites on that page. Its not really wise to have all of you pages on the main page since the page just gets cluttered and unorganised for the viewer. Try to categroies the links and then make one page that has links to those pages
  10. Hey thats a pretty cool site. Ive seen similar sites but i never actualy thought to do that even though im a photographer myself. Well hobby photographer but i think that those 25 cent sites just arnt worthit. I mean i dont think you can get a lot of money with it in the long run and you dont get credited a lot for your work when someone does pay 25 cents to use your high quality photo. What id like to see is some statistics. How many members there are that submit photos as stock and how many of them actualy sell. Then maybe in percent how many make more then 5 dollars a month/ 10 dollars/ 100 even. if you get what im saying. Then you can assess if its worth to put yout photos on that site or not Ofcourse it depends a lot on the quality of your photos but if you make good quality photos i dont think people should be able to buy a really high resolution version of them for ONLY 25 cents.
  11. where did you buy the domain? did you get it at Xisto - Web Hosting. if you registered it externaly make sure you set the right nameeservers. Namerservers may take up to 48 hours to propagate.
  12. Hm girls like that are tricky. She obvisly wants something from you. Maybe shes just playing around. trying to comfort herself that she can get guys or somehting. What i would do now is you need to confront her. Tell her. Lets go out, at night, to some romantic place or something so that its obvious you want to go out as girlfriend and boyfriend and not as some other kind of friends. Then shell either say yes or no. And then you know what she really wants. If that dosent really work as well as planned (ie she goes with youto the date but someone keeps letting you down in other times) tell her you have a problem with that.
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