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Top 10 Weirdest Usb Drives


I wold take the iduck or the ibottle but thats would have to be some of the wierdest stuff I have ever seen, let alone a waste as well. But I have to a usb is a more of a convient thing. especially if your carry large files and you don't need a stack of floppy disk. I say the should start phasing them out and start concentrating on usb disks.

Aren't floppies already outdated? Remember, the CD-ROM? lol
But that would be a great idea, to just release software on USB drives. You get a much faster access rate and you don't need to wait for the USB port to spin up, lol.

Also, I would think that the Idisk is definately an interesting one. 128 mb is quite alot for something like that, cellphones can't even hold nearly that much. Just imagine the size of things in the near future. Hell, maybe we will have made these so small that they fly through the air without us even seeing them. Then, when we want to download a file, maybe they will be attracted to our computer and then mount themselves and boom, a file . lol


USB drives are very useful. Most computers have a USB port but don't always have access to upload to a server. Floppies are as good as dead and buried and a CD-ROM is nowhere nearly as convenient as a USB drive. These drives are great! Definately something to get people talking in the office. My favourite is the thumb one, I can imagine the number of people that would be doing a 'double-take' as they walk past your computer.


I will never under estimate what happens when you put a bunch of tech designer geeks in a room and tell them to come up with a new USB drive. I think the iDuck is cute though, however I find the food rather interesting, but I wouldn't buy one.


I don't find them weird at all . It's great that someone has the creativity to come up with these things. I like the Big Tiki Drive and the Barbie the most - I would definitely get them if I had the cash floating around.


bro, the link it not active...please update it or reupload it...thanks for sharing though


lol I don't really see the point of the weird ones. I mean what does it matter whether it looks like food or not. I can see the barbie one or using some of those as disguises if they have important information but one shaped like food? That's rather weird but I guess if you really want to hide them then that's the way to do it. I can see it now, the transferring of USB drives in a picnic basket. Someone takes a cupcake and mysteriously hides it in their pocket for "later." I would get mine so it doubles as a book light or something along those lines.


I have a couple of friends who'd love the duck one! I might actually see if I can get them one each seeing as those girls have glow in the dark rubber ducks, giant (and I mean giant) rubber ducks, rubber duck soap holders ... You get the idea.The thumb one seems like a nice idea for a Halloween gift, just for the novelty and the "My God ... Just when Halloween couldn't get any worse" value.The sushi and various food ones I've seen before, I wasn't impressed then and I'm not impressed now.As for the Barbie ... Well, that'd be really inconvenient. The point of a USB drive is that it's portable, who wants to carry a Barbie around as their USB drive? You may as well get an external hard drive. The only place I see this being put to good use is in an amateur spy movie.


i want the duck one


My choice would be thumb USB or the sake bottle, although I think the latter would be a bit more subtle. The thumb would definitely get a double-take from passers-by. I've seen weirder (or worse, depending on your point of view) memory sticks, like the humping dog USB drive.


Lol, some of those are really funny. I want the one that looks like a thumb. A friend of mine had the I drive, it was a 1gb version.


Wow, i would like to get the finger.


I looked at these USB's, and whell, I want to contribute, but with some cool, rare and wierd ones.


Starting with:

Pretec USB 2.0 I-Disk Bullet - a bulletproof USB!


Quote from Softpedia:

You should get this device if you're planning to go join the Navy Seals, as it will match your dog tags quite well, and keep your secret data safe even in the worst possible situations (in front of a firing squad, that is). Or if you're the type of person who really wants to accessorize his/her outfit with a piece of technological jewelry. Or (and this is the right conclusion) if you're a person looking for a sound portable storage device, which can resist some pretty nasty shocks and carry around a lot of data hanging on your keychain while making some heads turn in the process.

Next one:

Humping Dog - Yeah... the name says it all.



USB Dustcleaner - It costs only 5 dollars, and is very small... but how can you use it in the whole room?



Digital Bible - Eternal digital life for 30 dollars.



Wood stick - It is made out of real wood.



Flashbag - This is my favourite! It becomes bigger when you put more into it ... how cool is that?

Quote from The producer:

When the device is about to blow up you will see the familiar error message on your screen: "There is not enough free space".


When swithched off the flashbag remains pumped up, so you can estimate with the naked eye how much more pics, books and music albums can be transferred into it.


I dont at all think these are weird actually i would like to own some of them as they are really cool and look nice. Now not only can you buy USB drives for storage purposes but you can also buy them for their looks. Thanks a tons for the link bro.

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