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Automatic Login in WinXP


Ever wanted to just turn on our computer and when you get back it's already on the desktop? (Rather then having to login at the welcome screen)Now some computer have this feature by default, but what if it gets broken, try this.On an Administrator account goto start >> Run, and type "control userpasswords2" (without the quotes)Uncheck the box that "Users must enter a Username and Password to use this computer", then press Ok. You will be prompted to enter a default user and their pasword, then next time you restart the computer it will automaticaly login to that user!


Very nice tutorial sir. I like it. I would do it if I didn't have 6 other people in this house, 2 in which always want to use my computer and put on things that shouldn't be on there. The only problem with that is if someone steals your computer or laptop in some cases they can get on right away without having to put in a password or anything. It has it's plusses and minusses and I would do it if I could.


I'm in the same situation as Plenoptic, having the whole family needing to use the computer at various times. However, I know a few people with laptops that only they use, stuck with a welcome screen, and I shall pass this on to them. Thanks very much.


Actually from what I have seen all you need to do is only have one user and make sure that user does not have a password. That is really the best way I found to get automatic login. Maby your meathod is a sure fire meathod though.


@warriorpk -- You still need to go through the user select screen if you have more than one login.@the rest-- Very nice tutorial, but it would cause some problems, in the case of a hacker getting into your computer, he wouldn't need a password to get in. Or say family members(you know, the brother who gets into your class work and deleted it), wouldn't need a password either.Thanks for the info either way~


What about multiple people auto login?

Automatic Login


This works for 1 user and 1 PC for auto login. But what about if you have multiple people that want to be already logged in and when the come to the PC or RDP into their account, it is already up and running. Is there a script or program to auto logon multiple people at a time or at a specific time to 1 PC without them having to logon personally?



I have a question...Automatic Login

 Ok so this is probably what was causing it... But the previous owner of this computer (because I'm on an online schooling program that provides a comp for me... Which surprisingly can handle really high end games like gta 4 and cod 4 lol) anyways so it would automatically log on for one of the accounts. I deleted all other accounts and just made one for me.. And ever since it would come up with an error wrong password thing when I would try and log on and I would have to choose a different profile and that's how I would get on mine. But sometimes it would display that error message for about half a second and then just go to "windows is starting up" and get stuck there. I want it to go straight to the welcome screen rather than trying and failing to log in to one of the other accounts. So I did the Start >> Run: control userpasswords2 thing but instead of setting it up to log into mine I checked the box saying "users must enter a password to use this computer". I don't want to restart my computer because sometimes it takes like 20 mins of starting and restarting my computer JUST to get it to finally work right, so do you think this will have fixed the problem???

-reply by Brandon


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