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How To Change The Oil In Your Auto


Now, I know that many people don't know how to change their own oil, and most cars are slightly different. So, I'll try to explain this the best I can.The first thing you need to do is to check your owners manual for what type of oil to use, and how much. You should usually buy one more quart than you need, to help flush the old oil out.Step 1: Jack up the engine end of your car, so you can easily get under the engine. Make sure that the car is secure before going under it.Step 2: Next, you will be looking for the oil plug. It is under the engine, usually under the oil pan, there should be some kind of large bolt. The bolt should stand out.Step 3: Get a large tub or bowl, and place it under the oil plug.Step 4: Remove the plug, and let the oil drain out. This may take a few minutes, depending on oil temperature, and age.Step 5: If you like, you can replace the oil filter at this time. Just unscrew it from the engine, and empty out all of the oil in it. Replace the filter with a new one.Step 6: Replace the plug, and open the hood.Step 7: Find the oil filler cap, get a funnel, and pour a quart of oil into the engine. After you do this, remove the plug, and drain that oil. This will help to clean out all of the old oil. after all of the oil is out, replace the plug.Step 8: Go back under the hood, and start filling the engine back up with oil. Make sure to constantly check the dipstick to make sure you don't over-fill the engine.Step 9: After you fill your car up with the right amount of oil, replace the caps, and lower your car.Congratulations! You just changed your oil.


Don't forget to dispose of the old used oil in a responsible manner. Pouring it into a water main isn't the right way to do it. In this part of the world, many Service Stations have an Oil Recycling station. Take it there for recycling.


hehe nice tutorial...i'm lucky i only have a scooter.only thing i have to do is:my little tutorial :1. buy a can of oil2. open budyseat3. open oilplug4. poor the oil in5. close oilplug6. close budyseat7. throw away the can(dont worry moderators my tutorial isn't copied )(dont think anyone is so stupid to make a tutorial about putting oil in a scooter )


good tutorial lolbeing a mechanic i wish id done it but ohwell. thanks


Well sometimes you don't have to raise the engine off if you have a tall truck I helped my friend change the oil on his truck that he has with a 6inch lift. Here is an optional thing you can do: use one of the rolly things that professionals use to go under the car. It is more comfortable and fun :PFor dumping out the oil go to a neighborhood auto parts store like Advanced Discount Auto Parts and they have large tubs that you can dump your oil in there to dispose of.


you can just dump the oil in the street under someone elses car.its fun. and u dont have to worry about getting rid of it properly!


Nice tutorial about changing the oil in a vehicle. Will definitely help in the near future!As for dumping underneath someone else's car. What good will this do? Will just make someone else think that they have got an oil leak from their vehicle.It's best to dispose as mentioned above. Then you can't get in trouble for not disposing correctly.Anyway, keep the tutorials coming! They're good and helpful!


Lol, nice and funny tutorial. And I got some things to learn too.


Nice tutorial, simple and easy to follow. One very important thing to remember... do NOT change your oil while your engine is hot. In the process of changing your oil you will most likely spill some oil on yourself. If the engine is hot so will be the oil and you will suffer serious burns.Here's a couple of tips if you're going to replace your oil filter when you replace your oil.The oil filter usually has a rubber seal where it screws up against the engine. Smear some oil on this seal before screwing the filter on the engine, this will help it seal and lessen the chance of oil leaking from the oil filter.DO NOT overtighten the oil filter, usually all you need is one quarter turn after the filter has made contact with the engine. Overtightened oil filters are another common cause of oil leaks.


Nice tutorial for thous who have cars :PIm from thous who don't have such yet :DYou could put somepictures too


well it is pretty easy to change the oil in your car. I dont like it when people pay like $50 to go to some place that changes your oil in like 10 minutes. You can do it yourself in that same amount of time and save yourself $40 because all you really need to buy is a oil filter and some quarts of oil. That is a good tutorial though maybe some people will see how easy it is to do now and they will do it themselves instead of wasting all that money.


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