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Ajax Asynchoronous Javascript + XML


The whole base behind AJAX is the XMLHTTPRequest() JavaScript object (implemented in almost every browser aside from IE, in which case you use an ActiveX object, which I think is MSXML.XMLHTTPRequest). You need a fairly good understanding of JavaScript and the XMLHTTPRequset() object before you can really make an AJAX app.
See this article on IBM's web site for more on developing AJAX apps.


I am actually pretty sure that xml is a variation of html. at least from what I have read. I like the idea of AJAX. Its a good idea. After all in the world of the internet the technology only has to get more sophisticated because its got no other choice. If we do not grow with the times we will be lieft in the dust. I am very interested in all this.


I am actually pretty sure that xml is a variation of html.

Kind of, but not really. XML's purpose is to define data, HTML's is to display data.

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