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Mp3 Players? iPod / Creative Zen / others?


I have heard that the Ipod's are all on a recall because of the batteries!Still, I would prefer the Apple Ipod. I would get that one, instead.

Se?or Maniac

I have the Ipod Shuffle myself. I think that it is really great. I get 12 hours of battery life and I can charge it alsmost anywhere. I have the 512mb version though becasue my funds are limited. I found maybe a couple downfalls with the Ipod shuffle. The fact that there is no screen on it it the big thing for me but I usually know what song I am listening to as soon as it starts. Also the only other thing that I do not like is that they make it so hard to view the contents of your ipod. I still have not found out how to do it yet but I know that it can be done. Dependign on how much money you have though I think should be the judge in what you buy. You can not go wrong in eaither brand in my opinion. Both are a solid group although I think that apple is just a little better. Also I think that it can hold more song formats. Bur goodluck in whatever you choose.


Apple Ipod is so expensive. and you won't need all those amount fo drive. i suggest looking and buying for a more afforable MP3 Players. something that has 512Mb drive is enough for me, I would buy an Apple Ipod Shuffle if I were you.


I would go with the 20 GiG ipod. I've had it for about a year now and no problems I filled it with 5000 songs the first 2 days I got it. And all the accesories and warranties on the item are great. I don't know alot about the zen but it seems like just any other MP3 the iPod sticks out for a reason. besides, so many people are getting it now the price is going to go down. so I would go with the ipod all the way!

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