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I Want To Create Website For Converter.

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Hello Friends,
I want to create a website in joomla or php.

I want to create a same site which i have allready just want to change platform of that website.

i just want your opinion.

Thank You,


Joomla's a great tool... what kind of site are you running? wordpress can be another tool (much simpler and easier in my opinion)

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Did you already test your website? For instance, did you try running the php version on your own PC?If it's written in a portable way, you should be able to backup everything (for instance your php files for the php site and a backup of your database) and restore it on the other platform.This is the kind of operation you should be able to perform at any moment, having a backup of your site is a security feature you should test.Of course, you can trust your website provider, Xisto for instance never lost a website. However, you must keep yourself disaster-aware, and be constantly able to restart from your last backup.

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