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  1. ----------------------i dont think so any disadvantage by google.com as per my opinion. BSmith
  2. TOP 5 tips for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 1 Anchor Text of Nofollow Links 2 Title Attribute and Alt Attribute Text 3 Google Sandbox 4 Anchor Text 5 Title Element and Meta Tags ------------------------ BSmith
  3. ========== I do agree with you... google provides best result & suggestion for great keywords. BSmith
  4. ================ hi, offcourse it will effect & get penalized by visitors as well. now you think how? when visitor come back from website google suggest block site list & that will penalized by the google for ranking. site speed is strongest point to get in rank.. or sustain in rank. BSmith
  5. ========================== Meta search is one of the best & most important factor in seo. google give best or most important to title tag & meta description tag where yahoo give title, description & keyword for google & other search engine you can do with google keyword suggestion tool for best practice. this will help you a lot thank you. BSmith
  6. Hello Friends,I want to create a website in joomla or php.I want to create a same site which i have allready just want to change platform of that website.i just want your opinion.Thank You,
  7. hey, i am new in this forum & looking for great support & want to learn new things in my industry.. hopefull will get it..
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