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.com Domain Name At Xistosupport.com 12.95

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.com domain name


The price of a .com domain name when ordered in the billing sector of Xisto - Support.com is:


$ 12.95.


The button to the Billing and Support website of Xisto - Support is at the left top corner of the website of Xisto.com.

The link is here too.


At the right part of the website of Xisto - Support is a list with options and links. The bottom option is called: Order


A cart opens when this button is hit. At the bottom of the cart it says:


Domain Registration


A shopping cart opens.

The text of the shopping cart is:


Shopping Cart


Shopping Cart


Choose Currency: USD v Go


O I want Xisto Helpdesk to register a new domain for me.

O I want to transfer my domain to Xisto Helpdesk


www. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .com v


View cart


Click to continue >>



Language: English v

A new domain name can be filled in the secton before the .com extension.

When the button: Click to continue >> is hit three new lines appear.


The lines are:


Domain Name Status More Info

interestingdomainname.com Available! Order Now 1 Year/s @ $ 12.95 USD v


Add to Cart.

One of the new lines shows the price of a .com domain name bought by Xisto - Support. The price is $ 12.95.


The next step is to click on the button called: Add to Cart.


Three options can get an V in the open square.


DNS Management O FREE!

Email Forwarding O FREE!

ID Protection O FREE!

The names of the names server of the webhost can be filled in. It is possible to add webhosting from Xisto - Support too. The next thing to do is to click the button called:


Update Cart


The Shoppin Cart with the total amount of money of the order appears.


Shopping Cart


Description Price

Domain Registration - interestingdomainname.com - 1 Year/s

Âť DNS Management

Âť Email Forwarding

Âť ID Protection

$12.95 USD

[Configure Domain Extras] [Remove]

Subtotal: $12.95 USD

Total Due Today: $12.95 USD

Total Recurring: $12.95 USD Annually


Promotional Code

Validate Code >>


<< Start over


Checkout >>



Language: English v


If everything looks fine the next step is to click on: Checkout >>


A form to register opens.

A link to log in with the email account name used to register and the password is available too.

The link says:



Your Details - Already Registered? Click here to login

The link leads to a new page.


The page contains these words:


Existing Client Login

To add this order to your existing account, you will need to login below.

Email Address: ..................

Password: ..........................




Forgotten Your Password? Request a Password Reset


Language: English

The email account that is used to register can be used to fill in. The password that belongs to the registration can be used too.


The next thing to do is to click the button: Login.


A webpage with an overview of the order and the name and address of the registrator appears.


The webpage contains a line with four options for payment.


Payment Method


O PayPal O 2CheckOut O MyCENT O Bank / Cash

If sufficient MyCENTS are in the credit account the domain name can be paid with earned MyCENTS Xisto dollars.


Other options seems obviously to be: Paypal, 2CheckOut and by bank.


It is possible to pay a part of the price with MyCENTS and the remaining part in a different way.


It is necessary to agree with the rules.

The square before the rules line can be checked.


[_] I have read and agree to the Terms of Service

When this line looks like this the next button can be pushed.


[V] I have read and agree to the Terms of Service

The next button is the button to complete the order.


Complete Order

Clicking this button sends the order to the office of Xisto - Support. The order can be cancelled if the order doesn't proceed. It can take several days before the new domain name is ready to use. It seems that the order has to be approved manually by an employee of Xisto - Support.


After sending in the order the payment can be arranged.


Have fun with the new domain name.

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I don´t know why Xisto decide to raise the old price from $9.99 to $12.95 they will be more difficult to get a domain name because you have to make a lot of money and Mycents to get it. I had have three domain names registered with xisto. But there is only one I am most interested the old I will let them to expire because to conserve them I have to make a lot of post and actually I don´t have the time to do that. The bad news about registering a domain name with xisto maybe is the Ip and I get the worse side of the hit because I actually use an autoresponder an all the Ip coming from xisto are in the black list of Hotmail.com and Yahoo.com. I want to congratulate you for all the information contained in this topic because it is very useful to all of us. Particullarly I had to deduct all the process the first time but now I know how to buy a domain name in Xisto and how to conserve it year by year to pay the exact fee. So thank you zenia for all your help and I want to remember you that to see how much do you have in your xisto account you have to click the rigth like in the rigth side and go to your billing account. I see you have $16 in your credits Congratulations you are a great poster and you deserve that money. Bye.

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Price of the domain name was changed because of the change is prices from enom. As xisto is using domain reseller package of enom and the rates are affecting their package as well. So it's obvious that they're charging 12.95. Basically opaque increased 1 extra dollar and made it 12.95$. I inquired with other domain resellers who are using enom panel and found that they only increased 1$ for their domain price. So you can see that xisto is expensive for us with increase in 2$. Also if you're from asia then chances are there that opaque manually changed the account settings for those users to amount 1.25$ extra which goes to 14.25$. I have invoice of that amount with note that these are the taxes from xisto. So if you're from asia then chances are there that you're likely to have this charge on your account invoice. One more thing is that domain renewal if in auto mode usually makes renewal within 5 days of expiration. Sometimes even earlier than that. I have seen that happening plenty of times. I wish to make that on 5 days early but somehow system or they manually do that earlier than 5 days. As for autoresponder, why you're using Xisto mail or IP for that ? Can't you buy aweber or similar other service ? you can have that service without getting blocked on hotmail and yahoo. I already replied to your thread where you wanted answer but you didn't replied. Anyway, if you are into autoresponder business then i suggest getting a good mail service like aweber and mailchimp. This will help you from not getting blocked by any such service. Hope this helps if you see this reply.

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