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Xampp And Wampp Questions

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I have a couple of questions:1) Now if I download XAMPP or WAMPP and install them can I make my own servers to host my own website on?2)Now if you can host a server that way how do you do it to get it on the internet?3) How do you set up all the databases and that?

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Welcome to Xisto!

To your first question, you can easily download either of the applications to host your own server. XAMPP is a cross-platform web server using Apache, MySQL and PHP plus some other tools. WAMP is the same thing, except its designed for windows and doesn't have all the features that XAMPP has. I have used both, and both are very simple to use. Once one of them is installed and running, you have a web server. If you go to Internet Explorer (or whatever browser you use) and go to LOCALHOST you should see the test page for the server you installed.

Secondly, setting up the server is the easy bit, getting in onto the Internet is a lot harder. It depends on how your connected to the Internet, what hardware you have and what connection you have. Some ISP's don't like people hosting their own servers and block the HTTP Port (TCP 80). This makes it incredibly hard to host your own server. If you are allowed to host a server, you then need to be able to access the computer via the internet with your Public IP. If you have a router, you will probably have to use port forwarding to forward Port 80 to your computer's server port. For more information on Port Forwarding, and examples on how to forward ports with specific routers, go to https://portforward.com/.

If you are lucky to connect to your PC via the Internet using a Public IP, your doing well! :) Now, if you have a dynamic IP address, every time you reconnect to the Internet, your IP changes, this is not good for a web server. To solve this problem, use a service like DynDNS (http://dyn.com/dns/). They will track changes to your IP Address and give you a name like 'me.dyndns.com' to connect to your server.

Lastly, once you have a web server running, both applications that you mentioned include MySQL. This is a standard database that can be used with your websites. MySQL is used all over the Internet and is what runs these forums! WAMP comes with PhpMyAdmin which is a very simple-to-use application to manage databases. If you get to being able to setup databases, many people here can help you setup a database.

If this seems like it is going to be very complicated for you, or you can't manage to do it. I suggest becoming a hosted member here at Xisto or at Xisto (Xisto's sister site) and hosting your site here. This means that all the hard work is done and all you need to do is make the website!

Hopefully, this has been helpful to you, If you need any questions answered, don't hesitate to ask.

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I have a couple of questions:
1) Now if I download XAMPP or WAMPP and install them can I make my own servers to host my own website on?

2)Now if you can host a server that way how do you do it to get it on the internet?

3) How do you set up all the databases and that?

Yes, after installing XAMPP or WAMPP you can host and make not only your own website also you can host a lot of websites for your entire family if you want.

As Jimmy89 says, to get it on the internet you may use DynDNS or No-IP.com, both of them are very good and works perfectly.

To set up and administer your databases you can use phpMyAdmin which is included with XAMPP and WAMPP, the MySql tools MySql Administrator and MySql Query Browser, or, you can use another application like SQLYog, MySqlMaestro, etc.

Best regards,

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Dude I don't know how that is my problem man I need to now how to get my website off of the LAN it only shows up if you type in the ip address andIt only shows on my LANAnd how do I change it so I can type in a address instead of a ip?I'm kind of a noob man so pleas helpEmial me Ok to answerDrewnirreh20 yahoo.Com thanks alot-reply by Adrew

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RE: Xampp And Wampp Questions

Xampp And Wampp Questions


I installed XAMPP today and I used DynDNS to set up my domain name...


I'll try to explain it step by step, although I haven't worked all the kinks out (I'll explain at the end of the post):


1. Get XAMPP up and running (fairly easy, no real reason to explain here)

2. Open DynDNS in your browser, set up an account, click my services, and then Host Services. Once you do that, click Add Hostname.


3. Type in a name (I.E. ThisIsMyHostname.Subdomain.Com; you most likely won't find a domain for free)


4. I clicked wildcard (I think it has to do with virtual hosts, could be wrong)


5. Click Host with IP Address as your Service Type


6. Now this was the most frustrating part for me: the IP address field. For me, it auto-detected the wrong IP, and I'm fairly certain it is because I am behind a router. My solution was to run the ipconfig DOS command and look at where it says "IP Address."




7. Once you have the IP and have put that in, save your changes. I don't know about the last option, mail routing, so I just left it unchecked.


Ok, so we are pointing our URL to the computer's IP address. Good. If all goes well, you should have a perfectly functioning web server to put your site on. Of course, in the computer world, you have to assume the worst. :)


So, let's troubleshoot (THESE SOLUTIONS ARE FOR XAMPP ONLY):


If you are having problems with setting a start page (I.E. Index.Html, the first page you want to look at when you type your URL in), go to your C:/xampp/htdocs folder and rename index.Php to something random, index.Php.Xyz. Just make it so index.Php doesn't get read (I believe that running it redirects the site to the setup folder).


After that, you should be able to make everything normally. What if you are behind a router? People won't be able to connect from a computer outside your private network unless you port forward. (https://portforward.com/ is a good reference)


(https://www.apachefriends.org/faq_windows.html) provides a list of ports that you will need.


That should be all. Now, my problem is, although I have port forwarded, apparently external connections still time out. I have no idea why (I did port forward a huge range however. Maybe I should port forward each individual port?)


Hopefully this helped a bit, if any. And if I'm wrong on some stuff, correct me, as I just started getting into web dev. (was doing a lot of low level assembly)




-reply by The ASM Codejunkie

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open Mysql on wampp

Xampp And Wampp Questions


I would like to learn PHP and Mysql

Yesterday I install wampp on my computer .

But I don't know how to open and make a database on wampp?





-reply by komang

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Need Xampp or Wamp to install joomla onto non cpanel hosting?Xampp And Wampp Questions

I have one basic question:

Should I install xampp or Wamp to have mysql facility to install joomla 1.5 to my non cpanel hosting? I only have the ftp access for the hosting? If I do need to install them, how and where?


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You should never...Xampp And Wampp Questions

You should never-ever use a package like XAMPP or L/WAMPP on a liveSite, ApacheFriends discorage people to do this. It's not ment to beUsed on a production site, packages like this is available forWebdevelopers to easy setup a local server to test their servicesBefore it goes live. On a live server you should ALWAYS use theSeparate packages for Apache, MySQL and PHP.

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APACHE not working in xampp in windows 7Xampp And Wampp Questions

 this is some weird problem I am facing.

I am using windows 7 and I installed oracle 10g enterprise edition.

Then I installed the xampp 1.72 ,but when I try to make the apache service start,it shows the apache service ON for 1 second and it again stops.

But mySql is working fine and the service shows as 'STARTED' in the xampp control panel.

and I cannot run the xampp using the localhost server in my browser(IE and Chrome).

I can't afford to uninstall any of the two(oracle or xampp).

All my ports for apache are free(port 80,81,443) when I check the 'port-check' option in the xampp control panel.

Please HELP

-question by Ravi

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