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Funniest 404 Youv'e Seen?

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Whats the fuuniest custom 404 message youv'e seen?

i have seen afew, but cant remember them that well, which is a shame, the most recent one i have seen is:

This Page cannot be found, the possible reasons are listed below
-You have been an idiot and not spelt the page correctly

-You have been even more of an idiot and tried to get into one of my directrys, so haha it doesnt exist ;)

-I have ****ed this page up and forgot to remove a link, because im a lazy admin, what you gonna do about it?

I have not given you my email, because i do not want emailing about randomly missing pages, the server ****ed up, what more is there to say?

(the reason this is here instead of your normal 404 is because i cannot stand IE and anyone who uses IE wont get that stupid 404 message from it, bedises, mine is far better than any companys 404, right?)

what funny custom 404 messages have you seen?

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I have to say that is my favourite too - I was going to post it, but you already have! I believe the way it types it out is by javascript. have a look at the source code for the page, it'll all be there!

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I used to have funny error pages back when I was hosted at FusionXHost, but after I moved, I got too lazy to use them here. Maybe one day I'll stop procrastinating and put them back on. xD

There was a website that listed all the funny and interesting 404 error pages on its own error page. I don't know where it is anymore though; it's been a while since I've been to that site. One of the interesting ones was a Flash 404 at the Homestar Runner site. This one, at 404error.info, however, is my favourite:

404 error info cannot be foundI suppose you think this is MY fault?
error 404 page
If you go looking for a error 404 page, the odds are you are going to find one. Its not exactly rocket science. The 404 error is everywhere, surrounding you, sucking the very life force out of you. However, there is still hope. Rumor has it that if you click the following link, your soul may be redeemed. If that doesn't work, take two poprocks and try the following steps.

Please try any or all of the following:
Click the Refresh Button to try again. Its a great deal of fun and therapeutic for those who require consistency in their lives.
Ask this expert or this expert. If they are as confused as you, pat yourself on the back. You aren't as stupid as you look. At least you aren't a miserable failure.
If you are as stupid as you look, you can relate to this guy. If you are even stupider than you look, may we suggest a makeover? Alas, it didn't work for him.
To reformat your hard drive, click here.
Take out a student loan.
To get excited about crown molding, click... well... crown molding
If you just want to leave in utter disappointment, don't blame me. No one made you come here. You may now:
- Search for weapons of mass destruction
- Experience a wardrobe malfunction
- Shriek like Howard Dean
- Do the Hokey Pokey.
If you understand that the Hokey Pokey is indeed what it is all about, this is the place for you.
If you have already hit the refresh button a few times, we have placed a call to the authorities on your behalf. The nice young men in their clean white coats shall be at your door soon. Before your trip to the funny farm, why not click here. Just for old time's sake.
Cannot find "404error": Internet Exploder Error
© 2004, WorldVillage. All rights reserved. Table for two please. Non-smoking. May we have a booth, please?



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You could also get a much nicer looking effect if you did it with Flash (and it isn't too difficult to do this way either).I have actually come across some really great ones over the years, but I can't even remember tid bits of them ;).I hope someone has some more to add, hopefully one I remember too!

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