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Full Grunge Signature! [photoshop Tutorial]

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So you want to make a grunge signature? Well heres are some basics.




The gosu grunge.




Download my favorite grunge pack:




Start a new 450x150 transparent document.

Posted Image



Load the brushes and select the second brush in the grunge3 list.

Posted Image



Now do Filter>>>Render>>>Clouds.

Posted Image



Now heres the artistic part. With this brush selected.... simply switch from black and white randomly(hit x on keyboard) and click. Until you get something similar to:

Posted Image



Now that the artistic part is done, its all procedure.

First... Select a render u want to use. Then simply drag and drop to the grung background u just made.

Posted Image



Make sure u get rid of any rendering color(the white around the character)

I recommend the Magic Wand Tool.

Posted Image



Now that the render is there press CTRL+SHIFT+U, to make it grayscale(all grey).

Posted Image



Now for some color. Go to Layers>>>New Adjustment Layers>>>Color Balance.

Posted Image



Just mess with the bars until you get a color you like.



Now click on your render layer, then click add vector mask.

Posted Image

12:Now get a grunge brush and make sure your foreground color is black.

Start randomly and <font color="red">SLOWLY</font> click around the edges of the character until he is blended in like so.

Posted Image


Now your pretty much done. Excpet i always add a 3PX Border and some effects or other brushes over the background.

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