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Urban Signature Tutorial

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Urban Signature Tutorial

By =|[K|T]|= Arkane of Gamexe.net




Make a new document 700 by 250

Fill it with black

Brush it white with any urban-like brush set you have

Press ctrl-u and set it to red (or w/e color you want, you can change it later if you want)

Set the blending mode of this layer to difference

Make a new layer

Move the new layer below the original layer

Goto Filter - Render - Clouds

Then Filter - Sketch Plaster (Mess with the settings until you get something you like. I normally try to make about half the image to the plastered look with 3-4 big "lakes" in the middle.

Goto Filter- Sketch - Chrome with Detail of 10 and Smoothness of 0

Next Filter - Sketch - Plaster, I used the same settings as the first time.

Use the Crop tool with a width of 350 and a height of 125 to crop the image to proper size, put whatever border you like around it but I wouldnt recomend anything to odd as it might come out looking bad when we make it 3d-ish


Now, merge all of the layers, ctrl-a - ctrl-c

Make a new document, lets just do 500 x 300. should work fine

Now paste your background in here (ctrl-v)

Press ctrl-t

Go to edit - transform - perspective

You can mess with this all you want but to do it quickly grab the upper left corner and drag down until you get it looking good

Go to edit - transform - scew

Feel free to mess with this also, i just grab the top - middle and drag up

Now paste your render in

Reposition it so its feet are on the render and it looks about the right size compared to the "ground"

Now take the lasso tool and circle everything at about knee level, you can go higher if you think it looks better

Press ctrl-alt-d

Set it to 20

press ok, then backspace on your keyboard.

Now add whatever text you want and your done =D

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I`ve used this technique a few years back.

I had a differ render tho. I used picollo, and i got to admit that the urban theme is nicer.

It would have suited me better too,as I am urban.I chose the picollo render just because I

used to whach DragonBall everyday at that time.


EDIT: I just remembered that I made three differ ones. one with a "heihachi" render one with a "ryu" render en the "picollo" one.

I even found one of them on my current hard disc.


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Edited by ElFoReal (see edit history)

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Hey I like the one with the tekken character (the 2 boys father? something hashi or some such eh).Nice work, and very nice tutorial also :ph34r:.May I suggest editing it and spacing things out or formatting it (like using bold and italics), to help make things stand out and splice it up for easier reading :).

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