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  1. PSD is an adobe photoshop file usually with the layers of the signature/image
  2. Umm this is off topic but umm......shwaggy don't talk about spamming to get poost count b/c u have 6 posts.........anyways Good Tut but i think the Inverse Shortcut is Shift+Control+I.
  3. Basiccaly you just erased the white area and lowered the opacity on the top layer, but in a different way.~ZS TD07
  4. I would agree that it is 85% metal 5% Rap and 10% Rock.
  5. Well it's ok but its to far spread out in width and if you want a good free graphics program I would Highly suggest either Paint.Net ot THE GIMP. As far as I know The GIMP doesn't work on Vista's or if it does maybe just not on my Vista.
  6. Ok well I have just finished registering at 789mb.com,and im a little dissapointed due to the fact that I haven't even gotten my e-mail.
  7. Once again labeled psd at bottom of post. http://www.gamefront.com/downloads
  8. Labeled PSD at the bottom of post and Labeled PSD Here: http://www.gamefront.com/downloads
  9. K well added some more psds to it dl if you want.
  10. K well here is my psd pack: If you don't wanna click my image: Click Here LR No Ripping Team Destiny07 a.k.a. ZoroSeerus
  11. Actually a psd is a Graphics program only file. It has nothing to do with people only. Everything you make should be saved as psd and a png. On many gfx sites you can trade psds for points/currency or other psds. Png can be transparent as well and gif too.
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