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Hardware / Psu Voltages Volts seem to be too high

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Hi there,


My voltages seem to be too high when I run some monitoring software.

This also occured in windows with SpeedFan though never did something with it.

No I'm back on linux and sometimes I smell some really wierd smell.

This is what I get from "sensors":

alice:~# sensors


Adapter: ISA adapter

VCore 1: +1.44 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +4.08 V)

VCore 2: +1.50 V (min = +0.00 V, max = +4.08 V)

+3.3V: +3.26 V (min = +2.82 V, max = +3.79 V)

+5V: +5.24 V (min = +0.73 V, max = +2.04 V) ALARM

+12V: +12.10 V (min = +4.80 V, max = +1.52 V) ALARM

-12V: +1.70 V (min = -13.35 V, max = +5.81 V)

-5V: +2.54 V (min = -2.64 V, max = +2.24 V) ALARM

V5SB: +5.64 V (min = +2.58 V, max = +6.07 V)

VBat: +2.26 V (min = +2.98 V, max = +0.66 V) ALARM

fan1: 2909 RPM (min = 1288 RPM, div = 8)

fan2: 2410 RPM (min = 14062 RPM, div = 8) ALARM

fan3: 0 RPM (min = 3125 RPM, div = 8) ALARM

temp1: +32°C (high = +8°C, hyst = -40°C) sensor = thermistor ALARM

temp2: +32.5°C (high = +80°C, hyst = +75°C) sensor = thermistor

temp3: +30.0°C (high = +80°C, hyst = +75°C) sensor = thermistor

vid: +0.000 V (VRM Version 2.4)



Sound alarm enabled

Ok quite a lot seem to be much more higher then the max. Don't know if this accurate enough to go with but I think so.

Though the smell could also be something else since I swapped my fans in the PSU because they ratlled, but kinda screwed up with the wireing, so I just ductaped them together! :)


Anyway my question:

Is this harmfull and could this cause this wierd smell?


Maybe it's usefull to know my system specs:

PSU: Q-teq dual fan (gold) i think it's 400W.

CPU: Amd Athlon 64 3200+ @ stock speed (though has been overclocked for a while)

Motherboard: ASRock 939DUAL/SATA2

HD1: 40gb Maxtor

HD2: 3gb Maxtor :)

GPU: Nvidia Geforce4 TI4200 8x :)

RAM: 1gig dual channel (DDR400)

And somekind of CD burner.


I'm running Debian (etch) at the moment (if important :))



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I am no genius in this field :) but all i can tell you is that ductape = NO ! .. And since its an AMD, why dont you get a good water cooling system ? they are pretty cheap nowadays. Plus you could change your PSU to say 300W or if you are using the water cooling system plus an extra ROM drive plus a HDD .. then i think you should consider a 400W PSU.RegardsDhanesh.

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Hi bakr_2k5I think you have seriously messed up the power cables. It sounds risky. Although I am not a great h/w engineer, I did try to replace my SMPS box once, and in the process messed up the wires.. sooner than I could do something, my motherboard freaked out. And I had to replace it.So check out the cables for sure..

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If you're going to use tape, use electrical tape. There is a reason why it's called ELECTRICAL tape. Still I'd stick with the 400w powersupply since they are not that expensive anymore. I had an AMD machine back in the 1.2Ghz Thunderbird stage and I ended up having to take the side off and run it with passive cooling to keep it running. After that, I haven't been a big fan (no pun intended) of AMD processors. And this was with a full sized server case with 2 80mm fans and an extra fan a PCI slot.

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Thanks for the replies!Though I've recently replaced the ducktape with those small boxes where you screw the wires in :) Looks a lot saver. Also dhanesh, my AMD is pretty cool. I have a Arctic Freezer 64 Pro running at 5volt. And it's pretty cool.I don't care a lot about the temperature though when it's above 50 / 60 C then it's going to be a problem :)...Anyway I've always used AMD and I'm pretty pleased with it.I'll just ignore the voltages, since it seems to be on all systems here in my house so I guess it's ok.bakr_2k5

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probably some bad monitoring software. the min and max values are totaly messed up. Don't worry too much about it, it's just the software that doesn't understand the signals. And even when wrong, the current values are all within the limits (ATX specs give a +/-5% margin for voltages, 5V+5% = 5.25V, so don't worry too much).And if you do worry, grab a multimeter, these give the best results ;)

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I don't agree with wutske. Though some numbers are in spec others are way off. It looks as if the PSU isnt grounding properly which could be when you miswired the fans. Then general rule of thumb is unless you are an engineer don't try to reconfigure the psu or mobo.PSU are cheap so just go out and get another one before something more serious happens, like the PSU taking out your Mobo and processor. I had close to that happen to me. The fans went out on my PSU and it shorted taking my HDD with it.-tonyp321

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