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Atspace.com: Web Hosting No ads .. no , nothing

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web space was sufficient offering 50 megs to free users wanting to use a subdomain , had no ads easily accessible via net or ftp .. on the other hand had no front page extensions, cgi , php or anything advanced for users to play with , good for beginners but overall I would give it a 50% for at least making an effort by keeping the website tidy from ads ,spam etc .

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Read what they offer here. But I'm more concered on how well the cgi reacts. with in html pages. Been having a hard time finding a free service to try the cgi out on have a small working knowlage of it. But I could use help with it. Im better at html. Have a site located on a russian server but suport there is nill. Feel these forums will help me alot I look forward to working with those that know more than I do. One thing I not sure of is how I tie a cgi script with a html page so one works with in the other such as a login scipt written in cgi and a password creater to work within the login window. A good example would be where a person creates a personal password. and stores it within my login data base so they and no one else can use there password to gain acsess to there information. I'm trying to build a game and first step is the creation of the password creater and the login. Then creat the random pages that are needed. But that falls under the cgi help I need. The out line of the game and look of the game I hve already made. So I'm half way there. So help with the password loger and login script is first order. Looking forward to the help.

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web space was sufficient offering 50 megs to free users wanting to use a subdomain

Now it's 1 gig... starts being correct. And no problem with big files, they accept up to two megs in a single file so you can put short avi movies.

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My only consideration on it is on the size of webspace you get - I mean, 50 MEGs is just not acceptable, in my standards - unless of course, I mean to make a rather small site.


Then again... I can't imagine a beginner not finding use out of this hosting site. Hmm...


ANYWAYS - no, I would probably just pass that hosting site up. I mean, we already have the wonderful proprietors here at Xisto hookin' us up!



(Cheesiness of the above statement: 9/10 - :mellow:)

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Atspace.com Advisory to IE users

Atspace.com: Web Hosting


ATSPACE.COM Advisory regarding IE browser users.


When I experienced pageload "freeze up" of my Atspace.Com File Page I completed and submitted a "repair ticket". Atspace.Com never responded, contacted me or corrected the problem. I decided to contact Zettahost.Com Support (parent of Atspace.Com Support) and report my problem. The following are the unexpected exchanges between myself and Zettahost.Com Support. As of this writing, my Atspace.Com File Manager "freeze up" during loading has not been repaired.


Anyone currently using or considering to use

Atspace.Com should weigh my experience against the attractive advantages Atspace.Com offers.


I have been a client of Atspace.Com since 2006 and have noticed a steady decline in the quality of service and support. It seems Atspace does not invest time or on-the-clock effort to repair programming issues. Therefore, I would advise potential Atspace clients a cautionary "recommended with reservation".



October, 2008

Zettahost.Com support:

I regret to email Zettahost.Com Support but Atspace.Com Support is not responding.

When I open my Atspace.Com File Manager it "freezes up" while loading.I've re-entered several times and it continues to "freeze up".

I would appreciate your looking into this.

Thank you. M.




Hello M.,

We have just tested the File Manager using Mozilla Firefox and everything seems to be working fine. We were able to upload and download files through the File Manager as well. Please try to use a different browser, this might help. Also, you could send an a screen shot so that we could better understand what is going on on your end.

Best Regards, G., Zettahost.Com Support



Thanks for reply, G., Zettahost.Com Support.

Only have IE ... The world's most commonly used browser. The Atspace.Com File Manager continues to freeze up. Have tried three different computers each with different versions of IE and operating platforms ... My Atspace.Com File Manager

Froze up each time after selecting subdomain. Screen shot doesn't work when computer "freezes up".

Screen capture would only show selected subdomain

And "loading ..." The only way out of the frozen page on each computer was to shut the computer down. Even CTRL-ALT-DEL did nothing.


I cannot believe you suggest I load a different browser! The repair of your glitch is not for me to switch my browser. May I suggest you investigate your problem with IE browser then effect repair.

Thank you. M.


Hello M.,


We tested your Atspace.Com File Manager via Internet Explorer and there indeed is a problem. However, please note that our service provided is FREE and we CAN'T GUARANTEE 100% compatibility with all browsers. Actually, Internet Explorer 7 was released after our construction and since our control panel was created in 2002 it is possible for it to work a bit slow. I would advise you to consider installing Firefox or Opera.

Best regards, J., Zettahost.Com Support



Greetings J., Zettahost.Com Support,

Thank you for your reply.

I have another Atspace.Com account and I experience no problem with that File Manager loading using my computer's IE browser.

Nor would I contact Zettahost.Com Support if Atspace.Com Support would respond or just because I experience a slow loading File Manager.

My problem is total computer "freeze up" during pageload of Atspace.Com File Manager

After selecting subdomain file (http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/).

I have just checked again and reiterate now, I must shut down my computer in order to exit.

It seems to me that advising any client - free or premium - to obtain a specific browser just to access their account rather than actually repairing the glitch is not the Atspace.Com Support advertised.

Please be aware that this condition hasn't been experienced previously.

I would appreciate your repairing the issue.

Thank you. M.


We have tested the file manager tool and it is working fine on our end. There is no glitch whatsoever.

If we can help you further with something, please let us know.

G., Zettahost.Com Support


As of this review date my Atspace.Com File Manager pageload "freeze up" has not been repaired. This effectively stops editing, updating or additions to my web site.



-reply by MBWard

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By the look of the site, I wouldn't really be choosing this free web host, as it doesn't really look like a good host from the outside. It lacks a professional look, especially since it uses a web hosting review site that isn't well known (and sort of dodgy in some way) and likely to cause suspicion to viewers.

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By the look of the site, I wouldn't really be choosing this free web host, as it doesn't really look like a good host from the outside. I

OK, it's a free webhosting site without ads, with 1 gig disk which is enough for a lot of people.And of course, you should first watch the look and feel of the hosted sites, which is the most important for the hosted sites visitors, visitors see your own professionalism as expressed in your own index.html file.

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