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Irc Question ops - voice

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I left earlier because I felt we were not really going anywhere with the meeting, I also became utterly confused about who had the "talking stick". Anyhow, that is water under the bridge. When I returned (just now), I noticed only ReBeCa is in there with szupie as ops. I did a nick identify, but didn't get ops. Which is fine by me... if that's a general decision. But it did lead to a question from my side. Can we get a list of WHO had ops, and which type of ops (sop or aop - and please what's the difference between them LOL). THat's all I have got to say :) for once it's not much - just want to know who has ops and all that.EDIT -> the not getting op was the HOSTMASK thing again - gah that uhm you know.

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lol...the not getting op automaticly might have been my fault :( I tried removing op from everybody....N you got it removed succesfully, but then rebeca didn't assign it back to you for some reason.Just talk to micro about it n he'll make it so you are always a auto op :)Sorry again...It was like 3am n I was bored ;)

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I'm an sop, which means super operator. It's a higher level than aop (auto op), but lower than channel founder, which is micro. I'll give you a list of aop and sop.



wwheeler (~wwheeler@adsl-158-36-7.asm.bellsouth.net)

moonwitch (HydraIRC@d51A4DAB2.access.telenet.be)

NBot (HydraIRC@dsl-80-41-6-186.access.as9105.com)

SingleDaddyof2 (~sngldddy0@70-32-88-5.ontrca.adelphia.net)

Silentsoulx (~mission_m@220-253-86-89.QLD.netspace.net.au)

vujsa (~mlgriswol@pcp06841427pcs.bechgr01.in.comcast.net)

Trekkie101 (HydraIRC@dsl-80-41-6-186.access.as9105.com)

SpaceWaste (~SpaceWast@HSE-Toronto-ppp137096.sympatico.ca)


NilsC (~nilsc01@

ReBeCa (earthling@When.u.see.me.you.will.get.desperate.info)

szupie (szupie@dhcp065-024-145-197.columbus.rr.com)

XisTo (sales@

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AOP = Automatic Op

SOP = System Op (Really just guys in charge of channel, delete etc)

OP = Like a moderator

+v (Voice note SMALL v) can talk if the channel is muted (+m)

+B = Bot


Thanks ... I got lost with all the abbreviations LOL I spent some time on IRC but never was more than owner of a test room :) I wanted to learn the IRC commands for channel admining - meh - I gave up :( I don't really care what type of op I am LOL I actually prefer the AOP over SOP since I can mess up WAY more as SOP ;)

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