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  1. That little SMF has been fixed greatly in SMF 1.1 RC2 and is being perfected for the next version further permissions are needing it.
  2. I’m a scheduled person, logic and flow come to me naturally, it’s difficult for me to work any other way but Google seem to work the same way, they like to organise information and present it in a logical format. Search never showed this in all its glory but by the time GMail was on the scene they had realised what they had to do and released a product that rivaled every mail provider in existance, people fell in love with the speed and accuracy it could search, filter and sort your mail. The space was awesome for most people but the thing that most people don’t realise is they like the organisation.You don’t even need to label your mail, as I for instance don’t. That may surprise a few people but to me its natural not to, instead it offers a few methods of finding my mail and fast. First I can search, on all other mail providers this hardly worked and wasn’t reliable, now I have this amazing new search engine that gets me everything I want in under a search engine. Next we have Conversation tracking no more “Re: blah” nonsense that we’re used to. GMail is almost like a bulletin board in complexity and it offers features that pick out important information such as the ability to link things to a Google Calendar.The Calendar itself is useful, it stores every appointment I have, exam times and general information on where I’m going to be, I at times become very busy and have a lot to and this doesn’t just keep track for me but allows everyone else to know exactly where I am and when im going to be there. Reader is another service but it disapoints me and fails miserably to even catch my intrest, Personalised home is ok, but not perfect, id like to see my calendar, feeds, notebook, adsense all in that page rather than on multiple and the plugins just dont work how id like them to yet.Notebook, the baby, the new child, the amazing help. Notebook is my true love from Google. I used to use Tada lists for little things but now I got this new baby, it doesn’t have labels or such yet but it has an amazing simplicty and amazing extention that allows me to write anything I want and have it saved. I may not ever delete any of the stuff I put there but its going to get rid of countless bits of paper and small .txt files that I make up. Someone over at Google is a genious for bringing this out. Ive been needing similar for a while now. Lets just hope the school dont block access or they will be hearing about it, they like to block everything of any importance or usefulness that they dont provide and Groupwise just isnt that helpful with no remote access or export features.So what’s next, pushing the edge with Google Talk was absolutely amazing we need more useful products like that and I believe Google can provide.
  3. SMF is the best Forum system in my opinion (yeah its been a while since ive posted ). SMF is currently stable as 1.0 and 1.1 is going stable very soon. If you haven't tried SMF I highly recomend you do, its no longer a young system. We now have a ton of mods and themes. Security track record is excellent. Development is continuing on the next version of SMF, the one after 1.1 with things like a moderation center and custom profile fileds in by default. Someone mentioned SMF was removing their data, id like to hear more about this as SMF has never been reported to ever have deleted anything before. IPB are starting to bloat up on a lot of junk and spreading over a few more products. vB ive just never liked. SMF is the way to go. Any questions about it and ill answer them.
  4. hmm VISOPSYS looks ok, but very dated, why not try using the linux kernel? But then anyway good luck, I look forward to being able to try your little project
  5. That could either mean the boards server is struggling to have enough memory free to be used. If not, IPB is trying to use far too much and hence the php module gives up and errors out to you. Usually its when your asking it to do far too much, too much data to handle with not enough server power behind you.
  6. Yep SMF 1.1RC2 was just released. Brings a ton of new features, and speedups, should work with even smaller resources on hosts now Although Xisto never really had any trouble. http://download.simplemachines.org/ A new theme is now in place and most people like it better and think it more proffesional. Its included by default in the download and upgrade of SMF 1.1 RC2 Theres an online manual now aswell for documentation on the project which is helpful for users. http://wiki.simplemachines.org/smf/?docRedirect A mod site for mods as youd expect but its a ton more useful now and has a lot more mods. http://mods.simplemachines.org/ And to make theme choosing even easier you can now visit the theme site and choose the themes you want (big selection now) and auto install them through your admin panel. http://custom.simplemachines.org/themes/ SMF is currently better than ever
  7. Thanks, worked perfectly and now linux is running wireless better than a windows machine can. Thank you so much
  8. Im trying to get my Belkin F5D7050 wireless USB dongle to work, but linux doesnt seem to see itIve installed the drivers using ndiswrapper, but it just says hardware not found.Any help would be great.
  9. Very cool! Never really liked the print URL anyway, books is much more logical.Although that beta thing, hopefully, they can work fast and get all their products out of beta, because its becomign quite lame.
  10. Google Talk is my love of the IM world. One of things I really like is the very low memory useage so everythings very fast and doesn't come with the overhead that YIM and MSNM, AIM come with, yes I could use Gaim, but ive never really like it. Calls are good quality and reliable. Fair enough id like to be able to change the colour of my text, and send files would be a god send but its still early beta so it may be included later.Second favourite is MSNM just because of the wide use of it where I live.
  11. I am but this main PC can't take linux, its bios locked to windows. I think their just monopolising the anti-virus industry aswell now, Norton etc are making too much profit off windows they proably don't like it and are now gonna take over that market. Got to hand it to them, they're very efficient and good at challenges.
  12. Jipman in Scotland every school kid uses msn, so it woulnd't surprise me if that is the targetted audience.
  13. GMail is the single best thing thats ever happened to my mail. Im in absolute love with GMail. Auto Suggest - Suggests email addresses and people that you might wanna email when you start to type an address.Spell Check - Very good spell checker checking my emailDrafts - makes sure nothing gets lost while im typing Search - Lightening Fast searching for my mailLables - Sort mail into 'multiple' folders Storage - Always increasingConversation view on email - very nice way to organise emailI don't really have anything against GMail, but I do love it, make the switch, its well worth it.
  14. So your PC is full of spyware, viruses and its running as slow as you think it possibly could be, well Microsoft brought out an online solution to all the problems, the Windows Security audit, by using ActiveX (Internet explorer sadly) you can scan your pc and do some checks to see what maintenance needs done, and the online system will run it for you. I tried it out, the virus scan is faster than norton (my anitvirus) but it slows your PC down quite a bit but its only for about 10 minutes. Ofcourse because its remote, its got all the latest updates included so you dont need to worry about that. Its actually well worth running this thing, it can do a lot for you, its done wonders for me. A great plus for microsoft. Its still beta but you can use it with a normal .Net passport. http://www.microsoft.com/security/scanner/en-us/default.aspx - Try it! (Note this wasn't supposed to be a review, but it turned out like one.)
  15. SMF has just released SMF RC1, scaleability is amazing, new admin panel layout and options, and a lot more modable and secure.
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