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Hosting One Subdomain In Different Server?

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I have a blog hosted in blogspot.com, for which I bought a domain name in Xisto with MyCents (let's say mydomain.org).

This thing of hosting a blogspot blog in a personal domain means that I had to create several DNS records.

Recently, I began using Google Apps with this domain, so that I can have email addresses @mydomain.org and a subdomain to access to webmail and docs. I had to create even more records.

Now this is how the lists of DNS records looks like (hiding some sensitive info, sorry):

A records (these IPs are Blogspot's)

1 42***07 mydomain.org 216.***.32.21 Active


2 42***08 mydomain.org 216.***.34.21 Active


3 42***09 mydomain.org 216.***.36.21 Active


4 42***10 mydomain.org 216.***.38.21 Active

CNAME records

1 42***11 http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ ghs.google.com Active


2 48***30 webmail.mydomain.org ghs.google.com Active


3 48***58 docs.mydomain.org ghs.google.com Active

MX records

1 48***10 mydomain.org 10 aspmx.l.google.com Active


2 48***13 mydomain.org 20 alt1.aspmx.l.google.com Active


3 48***17 mydomain.org 20 alt2.aspmx.l.google.com Active


4 48***28 mydomain.org 30 aspmx2.googlemail.com Active


5 48***30 mydomain.org 30 aspmx3.googlemail.com Active


6 48***32 mydomain.org 30 aspmx4.googlemail.com Active


7 48***34 mydomain.org 30 aspmx5.googlemail.com Active

Note: name server records (NS) all point to the usual om1.computinghost.com, om2.computinghost.com and so on...


Now, after all these changes I'm begging to think that BlogSpot is not enough so I want to have my blog powered by Wordpress and I'm doing some tests. I want this tests to be hosted on a subdomain, like tests.mydomain.org. I have a free hosting account on Byethost. How do I point tests.mydomain.org to Byethost's name servers (ns1.byet.org). I guess I should make a NS record (NAME: tests.mydomain.org VALUE: ns1.byet.org), but it doesn't seem to work and I have tried. :angel:


I'm asking here because I don't think it is a hosting problem but DNS records stuff. If somebody thinks otherwise I will ask in Byethost forums too.


So, if someone who had to deal with hosting a subdomain on a different server than the rest of their site, or someone who just knows how to deal with that can help me, I'll be highly appreciated.

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that's a lot of dns settings there :angel: anyway, from my understanding, all you really have to do is create your subdomain name on the other server while at the same time, you have to change your dns settings and create an A record of the sub domain. when you do this, you will have to know the ip of the server that is going to be hosting your sub domain. i think that's basically the solution here. since you already have a ton of records, i'm sure you know how to change them by now.

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All hosting providers will act differently when it comes to "binding" your domain name to their server(s).Changing your NS record will not let you customize MX or CNAME records. When NS is used to point to your hosting account, it's the hosting account that takes over your MX and CNAME records. So to use different hosting account with one domain you should not change your NS records.To create a sub-domain called "test" and point to another hosting account, simply create a new A record called test (or sometimes you'll have to create a full URL) and enter the IP address to the hosting you want to point to.Contact the hosting provider and ask them to bind your sub-domain to their hosting account. Usually they should be able to connect your sub-domain to your hosting account by editing DNS zone at their end. But will they comply? It's up to them.Not all domain controllers will allow you to do this. At least with GoDaddy's control account you can create sub-domains using above method and you HAVE to create subdomain under your cpanel. This is where other hosting companies will deny your binding request. Unless your entire account is tied to your hosting, they will not simply bind sub-domain to your hosting account.

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For me this yet not clear as far as the subdomain redirection is concerned. I did think of it once but was totally confused as to how do I make the site load. I however got a trick to work by making a redirection page whereby the subdomain say test.xyz.com redirects me to another site abc.net in a diferent host. But the result is that I am totally in a new website altogather leaving the previous one.I was thinking if there is a way/script by which I can load a different site like in frames and can browse the whole different site yet the addressbar showing the previous domain or subdomain.To make it more clear say the domain I have is mno.com and I want to load a site pqr.com but the address bar will show pqr.mno.com. Any click in the site loaded pqr.com will still show pqr.mno.com in the address bar. How do I do it? I tried iframes and frames but am not successful may be there is something missing in my codes. Help needed.

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Thanks both anwii and BuffaloHelp. I had discarded using an A record because I didn't have any IP address to point to, I only had the servers URL.
I just googled that and found their IP address here.
And now it works!
Thanks :angel:

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