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Red Cross Haiti Text Message Donation

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Red Cross Haiti text message donation raise $7M for Red Cross Haiti effort as of 11pm, January 14, 2010

You can text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts

Amazing are the human spirit; willing to give to those who are in need, so quickly and so many. It is in this we find additional strength, and faith in humanity. It is this the reason we fight to survive another day, face the unknown, because we can face tomorrow together.

Blessed are those who gave so freely; knowing mere $10 would not be much but believed that in unison a $10 could turn into $100, that could turn into 1 million... bless you for having the courage to leap without concrete proof--just the faith that others will follow suit.

Bless you those who stood on your feet and sent forth to the land where chaos reign. Not stopping first to think of your own safety you left to be with the ones who needed your help. You put your life at risk to save others. Your compassion for another human being compelled you to reach out.

If you ever believed in god and his/her compassion, I see that through you. If you ever believed in any supernatural being, I now see why you believe. And if you did not believe in a such being, if I could describe the One it would be a lot like you.

Thank you to those who are away and thank you to those who will be on your way. In times of uncertainty and harsh economic days you still gave. Thank you for giving: your time, your money, your prayer and you.

I pray for my colleagues who left today heading the team Global Outreach and Convoy of Hope. May you reach your destination safely. May you go with supplies that people truly need. May you find people who are in need of attention, quickly. May you find your way back home to your loved ones, safely. May others see your nameless, selfless work and be inspired.

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I would glad text that number, even if it will cost me more, cause i don't temporary live in US. So its got to be a international text. It would be a cool thing if Skype worked! I have huge bucks on Skype, i could probably text 2 times and tell my family and relatives to text too! God i hope they make it through this disaster... :)

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UK users can text "GIVE" to 70077 as per the instructions at: http://www.dec.org.uk/

This will donate Ł5 to the DEC. However the government will take Ł1.41 of that for themselves as "tax" which is shameful... To stop this happening you MUST go to: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ The first link also gives this information. It is called Gift Aid and means that the DEC can demand the Ł1.41 from the government. This is supposed to only apply if you have paid this amount of tax through earnings (eg work) but i dont suppose they check so i would urge everyone to "Gift Aid" their donation.

It's nice to see some humanity in the world and well done to those who donated. I only just donated because i saw the text option. I thought they might have it after the 2005 tsunami and they do!

No excuses now! Almost everyone can spare a fiver!

International users can also use the online donation form provided via BT http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Bt is (or at least was) government owned and is the biggest telecoms provider in the UK. While their business model is suspect i can assure you that you are as safe as can be online using their form. I do not know if they have to pay BT or not so if you are in the UK i would suggest using the text method.

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