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software requirement What Is Intel Atom Processor?

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software requirementWhat Is Intel Atom Processor?

I was going to purchase the Roxio cd/dvd burner software for my daughter's mini 9 but it's processor is an Atom and the software asks for the Pentium. Will it work on the Atom? 

-question by gini

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* MicrosoftŽ Windows 7, MicrosoftŽ Windows Vista, or Windows XP (Service Pack 2) * IntelŽ Atom ProcessorŽ N270, 1GB RAM
* 20 MB of hard disk space for typical installation of all components

Internet Explorer 7 or 8
* 1-9 GB of free hard disk space
o 1 GB for CD
o Up to 9 GB for DL DVD CD-DVD
* Internet connection required for product updates
* CD, DVD or BD burner

Quoted from http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/easy-burning/standard/overview.html

So you should be ok. Double check the system requirements for the roxio version in your country and language at http://www.roxio.com/

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Yeah shadowx is ok.... the processor is right in the roxio burner requirements maybe there are some problems with the version of the controllers or drivers... The hardware is fine... Maybe you have to go to the support service in the store where you bougth the burner... Maybe the burner is damaged...So maybe you have to test the burner in a Pentium and if the burner doesn?t work back it to the store and get your money back...Care yourself...

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