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Hey,My name is Sabastian, both on the forums and in the real world. I'm 17 and live in central new york, where I enrolled into high school after moving from Amsterdam.My hobbies include hangin' out with friends, but who doesn't, right? And mostly everything else to do on the computer :(.If you would like to know more, I'm a very open person, so just pm me!Thanks,Sabastian

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Welcome to the Trap, Sabastian :excl:


Would you care to share, publically, what specific skills you bring with you, and what you hope to gain from your experience here? I am certainly very interested!


How long has it been since you moved from Amsterdam? Do you miss living there? What excites you about living in New York? :)




Anyhow! To help you feel more comfortable with how things work around here, I am providing you with your own personal copy of my compiled starter links! Please read them fully and thoroughly, and don't be shy with any questions you may have! That's what the rest of us are here for!


:excl:New User Links :excl:

And, in the beginning, there was... a lot of information! :(


Forum Rules!

Laying down the law! B)


The Trap17 ReadMe

The nitty gritty details :o


The Trap17 Story

Every great idea has a humble beginning... :angel:


Howto: Signing Up & Getting Started

Sometimes, its the baby steps that are the most important of all ;)


Howto: First Steps to Free Webhosting

The most powerful tool is the engine by which you become known to the world. :(


Howto: Earn Your Free Domain!

Possession is 9/10 of the law! :(


About the MyCents Credit System

The most precious things in life, money cannot buy... but its still nice to have! :)

Take care, and I look forward to talking with you soon!

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Well, before I begin I would like to thank you for the links, be sure to check those out.I was a programmer for another webhosting company, I don't know if websites are allowed, so I'll leave that out for now, all I can say is that it starts with a S.I plan to bring some tutorials, and knowledge about web hosting, and just accomplish to have a good time here at Xisto, which I'm sure I will.It's been 8 years since I've moved from Amsterdam, It was pretty sweet, but It was definitely a change of atmosphere. I live in a very rural town now, Its Fort Plain, If google is your friend, hehe.I do like the rural life though, more freedom, but also, less things to do. As in, the best thing here is a Stewarts coffee shop. Oh Boy!Well, that's about it :(Thanks,Sabastian

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heyyy welcome to Xisto! yay a boy my age... you are a boy right?? hahaha :(you should add me on myspace or messenger.. we can discuss stuff hahahaha https://myspace.com/browser gisellebebegirl gisellebebegirl@hotmail.comanyways, welcome to Xisto! btw how is new york?? im from the opposite side of the world.. california

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