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Booting Computer Why always disabled automatically??

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I have Intel P4 Computer with Board Model D845GVFN. I installed XP Service Pack 2 on it. It has 256 MB DDR Ram, 2.0 Intel Celeron Processor, 40 GB hard disk.

The problem is when I shutdown computer and when I open it it tell message

Unable to find boot device . Select proper boot device or insert boot media.

Press Alt+Ctr+Del to Restart

I restarted Computer then Press F4 then enter bios Setting then Boot then Boot device priority there is two option. One is My HDD name another is disabled (default is disable). Then I choose My HDD then I can run my computer. But

Every time it comes out which is headache for me to enter every time bios and set up again and again.

I tried loading optimal defaults in bios it works once but repeat again. It also set date to always manufactured date (i.e. 2002/01/01) I also have to edit date too.

I scan all my computer with anti viruses. It is virus free then what is the problem?

Is this problem regarding bios?? Mother boards ? Hard disks ?? or what ??

Please give me the solution if you know, I am tired of setting bios again and again. Looking forward your reply.

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Hi!You might have to replace your CMOS battery. Either that, or the jumper setting is incorrect. In either case, you'll have to open up your computer to get to the problem.The battery powering the CMOS is a standard watch battery, so you'll easily find one of those. For the jumper setting, you'll have to look up the manual for the location and the setting. If you don't have the manual, simply look for the markings on the motherboard - it's usually printed somewhere on there.Regards,Nitin Reddy

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As mentioned, the problem sounds like the CMOS battery. Your computer seems to be fairly old, so the battery is most likely dead by now (they last quite a few years, but not forever). The battery is a standard CR2032 cell (usually known as a watch battery), which you can pick up from plenty of different places, or from a jeweller that repairs watches if you have to. You will then need to reset the BIOS settings next time you turn the PC on, but they should be saved.

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