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Hi Trap 17 Iam From Indonesia

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Hey Rudi!

Welcome to Xisto! How are you doing?

To know more about Trap 17, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page. More specifically, I'd direct you to the section about myCredits.

If you need any help with something on Trap 17, feel free to drop a line and you'll get a response from a lot of helpful members here at Trap 17.

Nitin Reddy
...A recently turned Wordpress widget developer

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Hello, Rudi! Nitin has done a great job of welcoming you! I would like to welcome you, too!

Besides the FAQ, here are some very good links to read. They are in English, so please ask questions if you don't understand something!

There are a lot of wonderful people here, so don't be shy! There are even people who can help you with learning better English, if you want! So, have fun, and I look forward to seeing you around!

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