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Can I Access Tv Channel Without Adding Any Tuner Card To My Motherboard Access TV Channels

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Could U Please give answer for the following:Can I access TV Channel without using a Tuner Card..Any Software Utility is available to download to access the TV Channels.

There are multiple online TV programs you can use, without having to use a tuner card/usb.
Even some website have streaming TV.

This is one site where it's an online website to stream channels, I get 20 channels from Australia which is kinda RARE:

And some programs:

Hope that helps :P

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Let me explain you something...
First of all, the TV tuner is used for connecting the TV cable to your computer, and watching TV from your TV Provider. If you want TV from your TV Provider, then you must to get an TV Tuner.
Second, if you have an good internet connection, with good speed, stability and unlimited bandwith, you can use some online sources or some Applications that use the internet for providing you TV.
LiveStation is a good choice. It can run on the most Operating Systems, as Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is developed by Microsoft and Skinners. Also, good choices too, are:

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hey its easy..........just download a software which gives you free streaming option sorry but i dont remember any of that softwares name any way you can google itand also there are many sites which offer you to stream free channels

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