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Html/css Font Color appling to the whole page

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Here's my page:

<html>  <head>    <title>FreakbooK</title>  </head>  <body bgcolor="#000000"><style type="text/css">h1 {color: rgb(255,0,0)}h2 {color: rgb(255,0,0)}p  {color: rgb(255,0,0)}</style>    <center>      <h1>FreakbooK</h1>    </center>    HollA At ThE WorlD! -     <a href="addguest.html">Add</a> To ThA FreakbooK!    <hr><!--begin-->    <hr>    <ul>    <li><a href="../">BacK HomE PagE</a><br>    </ul>  </body></html>

when people add a message, it appears right below the "begin" partbut how do i make it so all added text is red? cause its black by default, and so is the background..i got the heading red, and links are blue. but i cant figure out reguar font. :D

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Set your default font-color in the body rule.

body { font-color: #cccccc; }
If you need/want a certain section to change from the default, add another rule.
div#section p.hello { font-color: #c845d7; }


and the < style > </style> tags belong in the head of the page.

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Another thing, you can change the font with the same way that you changed the color:

p {font-family:digifacewide;}
Between the style tag.

Oww and if you wanna change the color or the size of only one sentence you can use the code:
<p style="font-size:40px; font-family:blackadder itc;"> Put your diferent text here </p>

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A way to change it is to apply a specific class or ID to the text, it will make your website look a lot neater and you will find it easier to use. It adds quite a bit of control:.comments p {font-color: #CCCCCC;}then in your html you can put the area which holds the comments in that class:<div class="comments"><p>insertcommentshere</p></div>

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Chapter 6: RealText Markup

With RealText, you can create timed text presentations that can stream alone or in combination with other media such as audio or video. This makes RealText a handy means for adding text to SMIL presentations. Using RealText, you can add subtitles to a video, for example, or provide closed-captioning. This chapter explains the RealText markup. Appendix E provides a reference for RealText tags and attributes.

Understanding RealText

Using any text editor, you can create a RealText clip in a text file that uses the file extension .Rt. The file includes the text you want to display, as well as the RealText markup that describes how to display and time the text. Like a RealVideo or Flash clip, a RealText clip has a height and width, as well as an intrinsic duration, from a few seconds to several hours. The following are some of the features that RealText provides:

  • Font, size, and color control

    The RealText markup lets you create text in many different fonts, sizes, and colors.

  • Timing control

    RealText timing commands control when each paragraph, sentence, word, or letter appears. You might display a new sentence every few seconds, as in a video subtitle. Or you could make letters appear one at a time as if they were being typed across the screen.

  • Flowing text

    Within a RealText clip, words can scroll up the screen or from side to side. This lets you create a window of smoothly flowing text. You can even make text loop, creating an endlessly flowing marquee.

  • Positioning commands

    With the optional positioning commands, you can control exactly where each word appears within the RealText window.

    icons/view.Gif View it now! (requirements for viewing this sample) Play this sample to view an example of RealText.

RealText Language Support

RealText supports a number of languages, including English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese (Kanji), and many European languages. It can stream text in any language that can be written in one of its supported character sets, which are listed in the section "Specifying the Character Set". Each character set supports at least one font, as described in "Setting the Font".

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