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Hi, I have posted something like this elsewhere in the forums, but this the most relvant place for this post, so here it goes.

it is possible, like some of you already no presumably, to make lots of money by doing very little stuff online. some effort is needed for some schemes, other not as much.

The best way, if you do not want to invest any money in the first place into your scheme, is by getting paid to click on links in emails, lots of them sent to your inbox evryday. I suggest you start another email account so that your origninal one does not get bogged down by paid to click emails.

These site, or the best ones anyway, are not too easy to find, as you have to filter through alot of garbage. So I have saved you the effort.

This link below, is to my website, hosted by Xisto of course, where the best of these programs are all on my fornt page.

These are all free to join, and all send out lots of links/emails a day. Some of these will take too long to go through so delete them. Just make sure you click one a month from each site otherwise you account is likely to be deleted.

Easy ways of getting referrals for these sites is by going to another referral building website listed at the end of this post.

First, my website:

Melks Paid Directory

(note: all links on my website are my own referral links, which does not hurt your earnings in any way and only helps me out. YOU DO NOT LOSE ANYTHING)

And the referral building website (also my link) is as follows:

I hope this information is helpful to you, and it has also come to me that I should tell you how much you earn a day without refrrals: 20 cents or so a day, but this is multiplied many times as soon as you get referrals.


Notice from saint-michael:
removed referrel lin against the rules.

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ok a couple of questions. how many emails will be sent to you? the 20 cents a day, what is that based on... 1 click? can the payment go up based on number of clicks? 1 click a month leaves your account active.. but are you still paid the 20 cents a day? how much money is made from each referral?

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Referrals, well for every cent your 1st level referral makes, you get 10% on some site, more or less on others. Basically there are lots of levels of referrals, where your referral refer and so on, and you revieve a percentsage of their earnings, although they do get to keep all theres, i.e. nothing is deducted.Now the clicking. Most of the sites, you make half a cent for each link, and they have a timer on of 15 to 20 seconds, so unless you have referrals you do not make 20 a day from one click.Beware of the sites that offer afew bucks a click because they are pobably rip offs, or if not have a gauged payment system, basically that means unless you have referred 100+ people you get maybe 10 cents when it comes to payout.I hope this has answered your questions

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adsense is a total exception, since it google, and everypne lovers them. What i'm talking about is like errr,http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

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Mate, I think tis fair to say some of the programs are going to be untrustworthy but it is also fair ot say that alot of them are not. You just haveto look at all the websites that acclaim these trustworthy sites. THe ones listed inmy website are all of these type and believe me, you get loads of email...my inbox has over 10 mails eery half an hour, its ahrd to keep up. Thats why I have to delete alot aswell...

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Here are some direct links to the ost trustworthy sites in my opinon, and with a quick overview of their advantages:








««««« $5.00 MINIMUM PAYOUT »»»»»



««««« ALL CASH LINKS! »»»»»

«««««BACKUPS DONE 2x's DAILY!!»»»»»


Hauling Cash





• Backed Up 2 x DAILY

• FREE Membership

• Database purged 2 x DAILY (20+ day inactives)

• Get Paid for Reading Your eMail

• Get Paid for <- snipped ->

• Get Paid For Running Our AutoSurf traffic exchange

• LOW $10.00 Dollar Payout for Free Members!

• Cash Only Emails - no point emails

• Huge Paid To Click Section

• Five Upgraded Memberships Available

• Assorted Contests, Random Payouts and Surprises!

• Site Forum with Polls and Forum Only Contests

• Send in your Birth Day/Month for a Bday Surprise!

• 5 Ref levels of commission under you Level 1 - 15%

Level 2 - 10%

Level 3 - 5% Level 4 - 5%

Level 5 - 5%


Misty and Sams Cash





You are going to Love AdPaid!

FREE to Join! Easy Way To Earn $$$

Get Paid for Reading eMails and Visiting Websites of Great Interest to You!

Share in AdPaid Profits, based on Results!

Low $5 Dollar Payout level!

Guaranteed Fast Payouts

Paid within 7 Days!

International Members Welcome (from countries listed in our Terms)

Receive eMails about the Best Products

Receive eMails on the Best Opportunities

eMails include Cash Ads

Upgraded Memberships available at Low Cost

Refer Others for Extra Income

Earn from Six Referral Levels of Commission under You


Ad Paid






• FREE To Join

•Get Paid for Reading Emails, <- snipped -> Searching, Gaming and many more !!

•Members must be able to READ and UNDERSTAND English!!

• $2 Minimum Payout!-No Minimum for Upgrade Members

• 4 Membership Available

• Honest Members from most Countries are Welcome! Free Members will be deleted after 30 days of inactivity

• You can spend points only for advertise with us or for "buy" referrals !!!

• Random Payout - Payout with PayPal, E-Gold and StormPay

• Database backup 1 times at day !!

• You must be at least 75% active as your downline to get commission from downline clicks

• Check site settings here

• 5 Ref Levels on Points: 10%,5%,3%,2%,1%

• 5 Ref levels of commission under you Level 1 - 10%

Level 2 - 1%

Level 3 - 1% Level 4 - 1%

Level 5 - 1%



So Red the Rose




FREE Membership

• Get Paid for Read

• Get Paid for Signup

• Fast payment ! usually make payment in one day!

• Low $3 Dollar Payout!

• NO minimum payout for Gold members!

• We only accept members from countries in the list:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany

Greece, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal

Spain, Sweden,Switzerland, United Kingdom & United States

• 5 Ref levels of commission under you

Level 1 - 10%

Level 2 - 5%

Level 3 - 2%

Level 4 - 2%

Level 5 - 1%


Gain Mail}}}}}}

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Hey, melkonianargI apply for you at Misty and Sams Cash.Emm.. i would like to ask you something about upgrading a reference levels, how to make it up?

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Sorry, do you mean how do you get refferals?  Could you rephrase the question, I didnt really understand...


but... I'm still confused.does I put ads in my website,and it can send 20posts to my e-mail. but how can i get the money if it can paid me money?

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YOu click ont eh links in the emails and they credit your account on their webpage. When your balance reaches their payout level you can choose to get paid, through your paypal or e-gold etc. Your choice...

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