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What Is The Best Software For A Community? Looking to start a cool social network

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I want to start a good social and hopefully stable social network.I was using Dolphin from boonex but its a really half baked product and i wasn't impressed.I am looking for something with more fun..a good community and with a lot of mods so that i can customise it without much trouble.If you got any suggestions please help me. I do not want to start a forum, but if there is a possibility of linking it up with a cool portal that can easily set a good platform for an impressive community then i down for it.Thanks

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SMF and TinyPortal and SimplePortal would work well. SMF 2.0 RC 1 has a lot more options that may be closer to a social network then a forum. 1.1.8 is the latest stable release, but it would be easier to start off at RC1.Once it is released for 2.0, this MOD may be of use:

Thanks a lot. I ended up using phpbb, check it out here https://www.phpbb.com/, so now i am into running forums!

I checked out some of the softwares you folks recommended and decided maybe it's just best if i divert my line of business a bit and give myself more freedom :-)

Phpbb is quite something, i am not sure if it matches SMF because i do not have much experience with SMF, but i have had so much fun customizing it!

Now i am just left with the advertising.

Here is something in Facebook style but it is commercial edition.

Here are the demos:


You can easilly find nulled version but your host will suspend your account if u use nulled software smile.gif

So, it's better for you to buy it and use it.

I tried this one once but..lookalike softwares are boring to me!

Now it really has some people dealing with the mods and all but it raises the bar quite high by imitating Faceboook, then fails to get there because it does not have as many features.

Thanks for the suggestion, mate!

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