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[aef 1.06] Released Today An Upgrade for Anelectron Forums

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The AEF Team is extremely happy and excited to announce the release of AEF 1.0.6.

Its been around four months since AEF 1.0.6 has been under development and we know that you guys have been really excited about it. After four months we are now ready to release AEF 1.0.6.


A complete list of changes or features :


1) New User Control Panel

2) Calendar

3) Report Posts

4) Preview Posts

5) Users who have read this topic

6) Session Improvement

7) RSS Feeds

8) Smart Redirects

9) Group Legends

10) Direct Post Links

11) New Header

12) Delete Confirmation

13) Username Change


Many Bugs have been fixed and there are many small changes that improves the User Experience.


Post your views and comments.



The AEF Team

The AEF Forum software is pleased to announce the release of version 1.06 complete with new features, enhancements, bug squashes, and the hope that many of you might want to give it a spin...


It isn't complete yet. There are still several things in the works, like UTF-8, a revision to the Mod system, bbcode enhancements, AJAX registration system, and several other things. As you can see from the Announcement, several major fixes are now complete, the User Control Panel is looking good, RSS feeds are included, (although I haven't played with that yet).


Themes and skins are available at the AEF site. Several Mods for various functions are also available on their Board.


Learn more at http://anelectron.com/. Downloads are now available from the Download links at the site.




AEF is proud to be Hosted at Xisto - Web Hosting, thanks to Opaque, by the way... ^_^

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I just installed the last version 2 days ago lol. Awesome, can't wait to install this one. Hopefully some bugs have been fixed. I hated the smileys not showing up ^_^ Hope this update fixes it :P

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i never heard of that or use that forum script.
and i got a demo forum on opensourcecms.com

and i can not found any differences between these so many forum (opensource) scripts like punbb phpbb usebb mybb,mini something like that.
anyone could give me why we d choose aef?

anyhow i find aef use "aef license" ,oh mad!

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