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Admin Page Tutorial Needed?

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I need to look at a nice tutorial how do you create an admin access page[...]

First you would need a user management system, and a way for users to log in. There are plenty of tutorials about this here at Xisto and across the web. Take a browse through the Tutorials section and see what you can find.

Edit: Take a look at the following tutorials for some ideas and advice about what is needed for the login system:

with many functions as many as possible.

This really depends on what the admin page is for as to what functions you want it to perform. The admin page for a forum, for example, is very different to the admin system for an online shop. Most of the functions an admin needs to perform are data entry, retrieval and modification. All that can easily be done with HTML forms and some relevant SQL being run with a PHP script when the Submit button on the form is clicked. You'd need to be much more specific about exactly what tasks you need the admin page to do, and what the database structure is behind the site, before we have any idea what to do.

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I suggest you review the list of available CMS packages.An example of a simple one is mylittlecms (google it), or snews. More complex ones would be Wordpress or Joomla.It would avoid having to re-invent the wheel (cms), although it might be a good practise for learning php, it can be frustrating and will definitely take longer than installing from a package.

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