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J-a-m: Just A Minute meditation and visualization programme

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people tend to believe that it takes a lot of time to do meditations and visualization exercises. and a lot of people will tend to shy away from meditation believing that since it is time-consuming, they won't be able to allot enough time with already a very hectic schedule in our modern lives.


if you think that way, i encourage you to revise your own preconceptions about meditation as time-consuming, since with J-A-M (or just-a-minute) program, you can indulge yourself in achieving relaxation, concentration, visualization, meditation, silence, sharing and connecting --- in a span of just a minute. <_< after all, you can spare just a minute, can't you? especially when you are stressed for most of the time, it is much more important for you to spare just a minute to transform your chaotic world into a calm and peaceful one...


there are several meditations and visualizations you can try (21 in all), with or without accompanying music. and you can always do it anywhere and anytime... for online use, you can use J-A-M's website; and you can also download your selections if you want to use them offline.



7 Steps to Stillness


1. Take a moment to be comfortable in your environment.

2. Keeping your eyes open, gently rest them on a chosen point somewhere in front of you.

3. Withdraw your attention from all sights and sounds.

4. Follow the thoughts suggested on the commentary.

5. Acknowledge and appreciate the positive feelings and thoughts which may spring directly from this exercise.

6. Stay in these feelings for a few moments.

7. End your meditation by closing your eyes for a few moments and creating complete silence in your mind.

make J-A-M a part of your daily habit, and enrich yourself. :(

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