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14 Downloads For Your Digital Photography Tool Kit (mostly Free)

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Well to start off I am a bit shocked that I would actually post in this forum since I do much photography anything, but I saw this article and thought for the photography people that these useful programs would help.


Photo Editing Tools


So now that you taken you awesome pictures with that 10 Megapixel $700 digital camera it is time to clean them up and bring out the quality of those photos you have taken, and so we need some software that will help you out in your needs. So first up is"




If you don't know about gimp software then you need to go check out the gfx forums a bit, as this would be one of the top graphics software on the market after photoshop, fireworks, and Paint Shop Pro. Of course I think this would be the right program to use after dropping all that cash down for the camera.


Download Gimp| Price: Free


Photo Pos Pro


I have no idea so I will let this quote explain what this program does:

With photo editors, usually you can have one of two choices--either simple or powerful. As a general rule, the more simple the interface, the more basic the program, and the more powerful the program, the more complicated the interface. Photo Pos Pro does a great job of balancing power and usability. The interface is clean and simple, with all of the editing tools laid out neatly along the sides and the top of the main screen, which shows your photo. Hover your mouse over an icon, and a balloon tip will tell you exactly what it does, although in many instances the icon is self-explanatory.


The array of editing tools in Photo Pos Pro is mind-boggling. Every automatic-editing tool you could want is right there, from the basics (such as red-eye reduction) to advanced functions that automatically sharpen or blur images, make them warmer or cooler, add frames and special effects, and do many other tricks. You get drawing tools as well, plus the ability to work in layers. If you want powerful editing tools within easy reach, this application is a great choice.


Download Photo Pos Pro | Price: $50 (shareware)




It's free what can I say besides the the fact that if you haven't gotten a better version or something more powerful


Download XnView | Price: Free


Saint Paint Studio

It's another photo editing software it costs $40 bucks and you can have a trial version, again if you have something already but want to test this out knock yourself out.

Download Saint Paint Studio | Price: $40 (Trial)


Image Resizer

I thought the photo editing software won't stop, anyways the title should say it all but it seems instead of doing individual photos you can do large amount of photos in one shot. Which means it can save you time especially if you got like 2-300 photos you want to put on your website or photo gallery to show your friends.


Download Image Resizer | Price: Free


FxFoto 2.0


NOOO!! not another one..


Download FxFoto 2.0 | Price: Free



I would have to say base on the description that this program would be bonus to have once you finish running it through a graphics program. Since it will clean up the stuff you missed in the first round of cleaning up a digital photo...I guess the descript would help for a better understanding.

Have photos that need to be fixed? I don't mean something simple such as red-eye removal, but more complex problems, such as moiré patterns and other artifacts, overall noise, and other frustrating imperfections that afflict digital photos. If you're facing such challenges, give Cleanerzoomer a try. It can also sharpen edges, automatically adjust color balances, remove white spots and other artifacts, and a lot more. You also get a remarkable amount of control over photo fixing--in fact, for some people, maybe too much. For removing artifacts, for example, you'll find a wide variety of options such as setting filtration levels and weight measurements. Still, with a little experimentation, you'll be able to clean up even the dirtiest-looking photos.

Download Cleanerzoomer | Price: $35 (shareware)


Since the next group of programs is album organization I just list them since it would seem somewhat obvious what these programs do, if not I will have a link to the original article for you all to enjoy.


ACDSee 10 Photo Manager photo organizer | Price: $50 (shareware)


Roxio Media Ticker | Price: Free


Comic Life | Price: $25 (trial)


Although I will note that the Comic Life would seem like an interesting program to use for kids photos or for an action still like driving on the road or something.


InAlbum Deluxe | Price: $55 (trial)


MemoriesOnTV | Price: $50 (demo)


On another note, if you remember during your school days of the slide show on the big projection screen, same idea but now you show them on TV and that way everyone can see them.


Photoscape | Price: Free


Collage Maker | Price: $28 (shareware)


A collage making software YEAH!!, nothing say coolness then a collage of digit photos you have taken, elementary school memories right there. I believe college photography course still do that for an assignment.


So now that you have a list of software to start out in either your amateur or professional photography career it will help get the most out of any photo's you take.



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Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I have some friends that always take lots of photos, but they never get time to add them at their page. (It takes so much time to resize them.) So I think I am going to download that software myself - and share if with my friends.

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Great list of softwares,I already use the gimp software.Well I would surely try the others listed as well.But do we need to really pay for the pro versions,I think I wouldnot not pay instead I would download the torrents or crack them,I think I would be also able to crack the Saint paint studio,I know a little bit of cracking :) :)

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Is the Gimp software compatible with Photoshop?I'm running a trial version of Photoshop and I'll have to buy something soon, just wondering if Gimp can use the same file types and do most of the same things as Photoshop?Steve

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Thanks for Sharing. Because I only know is The Gimp, the very powerful image editing tool that helped me out in editing my pictures and other images. Well, why dont you include Picasa 2 by the mighty Google. Picasa 2 has substituted my The Gimp from editing my pictures/images. It's a very wonderful tool.Cheers,Amiel

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Hey, thanks for sharing these programs mate. I am certainly going to try a few out, because photoshop is a bit of BIG program if you have to just make a few little changes to a photo or two! That cleanerzoomer caught my eye, although I am sceptic about it :lol: I'll come back and report after I try it..

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Want to print WALL SIZE POSTERS?




You can load up any image up to about 1Mb in size and then the programme resizes your photo to anything from regular poster size to 25 metres!!


If you download Rasterbator it will let you use files bigger than 1MB


Each of these programmes will print your photo on A4 sheets and the you can assemble them together as one huge photo.




Upload an image and the site creates a series of 9 mini Andy Warhol images - just like he did with Marilyn Monroe.


I found that increasing the contrast of the oriinal photo works best and gives a better result. Also, try to crop your photo to a square with some border space around the subject before uploading.






This one lets you resize by remove unnecessary content from photo's or by stretching natural parts o fthe photo to enlarge the picture. Upload JPEG, PNG or GIF files less than 2880 pixels high and wide. By far one of the best freebies I have used.

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Is the Gimp software compatible with Photoshop?
I'm running a trial version of Photoshop and I'll have to buy something soon, just wondering if Gimp can use the same file types and do most of the same things as Photoshop?


Hi Steve,
GIMP does support PSD files and it also supports filter factory. I guess its as good as Photoshop or may be better since its free :)
I think one of friend told me that It can even edit Movie files like avi, which I think Photoshop doesn't allow.

Personally , I have only used GIMP to make some button images for a website, So I can't comment much on the functionality part. I guess theres a documentation available online. Google for it :D.


I've used Ulead PHOTOIMPACT and I think that is also good for photoeditings. I've been using PHOTOIMPACT since version 4, so I find it quite comfortable as far as the controls are considered.
Its around $50 but since I got it free , I am happy with it.

I've also tried Bibble and Adobe Lightroom for editing RAW images. great piece of softwares and since they support my camera, I guess anyone can use it.

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I have found a free vector editor called inkscape.It's actually a pretty powerful editor and allows you to create some high-quality vectors.Thanks for the list. It really helps to have this great list of photo software.

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