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  1. Re-install your windows.. I think your registry is corrupt. There are ways to repair your registry, But I don't know any.I hope someone more experienced can guide you in this respect, but so far my solution is 100% and will fix it if its not a hardware issue.
  2. I don't know why your post was not moderated, but I think Your post should be REMOVED right now. You have posted registered keys for Microsoft windows which can raise serious concerns and cause some copyright issues. Wonder what all the moderators are doing.
  3. Could you please elaborate more. Does it give out any Sounds before turning off ?Is your SMPS heating up ?If its not heating and the sounds are also not there .. then may be the CPU is heating up.Kindly give us some more observations, without this we can only guess
  4. It happened to me twice. I think there would be an update labled something like 'SP1' that is the service pack. Try installing that and your problem would be fixed. Hope this helps.
  5. This generally doesn't happen , Since windows XP is suppose to load all these drivers by default. You just wrote about one DVD drive but the Device manager shows up two . Is the second one a virtual drive or is it there physically ? You should try removing the drivers manually (in Device manager > Right Click > uninstall) and then scan for hardware changes. This will try reinstalling the device automatically. But If It asks you for any Drivers, I don't know what you would do since both of your drives (according to Device manager) are not working Lets just hope it picks up drivers automatically and installs them Otherwise, You could go to the manufacturer's website and see if they have any specific drivers for their drives. NOTE : I won't recommend you trying to upgrade your DVD-ROM's firmware right now. If it were the firmware's fault you won't be seeing it in the BIOS itself. Your OS (XP) could be the culprit, try running a live CD (Ubuntu) and see it works properlyHope this helps
  6. I think although Windows7 is faster and better in terms of feature, but XP has that home feel that you can never get with any other OS. I've been using XP for past 3-4 years and I really think it was worth the upgrade.
  7. Type 'gpedit.msc' at run and look under that - This is when you are managing programs from a group policy Otherwise, Just type 'msconfig' at run and look under that. Hopefully one of these would help you
  8. No my ADSL modem is Huawei. I m using Ubuntu and Sometimes, Windows XP x64. Internet works fine on both the systems. I just need to figure out the pinging problem For Guys who think workgroups work, They don't, all u need is to put up the same Subnet mask and gateway, That ways it always works. Anyways, I tried workgroup also and no it didn't help.
  9. I have a samsung TFT which Ubuntu has failed to recognized. Now It has a native maximum supported resolution of 1920 x 1080I have instaled Ati drivers also ( I have a Radeon HD 5770)All I need to do is somehow force the monitor to 1920x1080 Can someone tell me howI googled but all I came up was to setup monitor resolutions from System > Preferences > monitorsor writting Xorg.conf.If someone knows a sure-shot way to do it, that will be really helpfulthanks
  10. Ok. You have a Normal DVD writer which has been put in a case. You've got two options - 1. u can try and remove it from the case and put it in your CPU That ways, we will know if the case is faulty or the writer (if the writer works perfectly after putting it in the case) 3. If its still under manufacturer's warranty. Try calling them up and ask them to fix it. As for the firmware update. I am not sure if you did it write. and What utility did u use for it ? I once had a similar problem with a Sony DVD writer, and I screwed up big time. It was able to write but not read anything. All the DVDs were listed as CDs with nothing on it. Later, I had a guy fix it by reflashing it.
  11. Its kind of hard to make out what EXACTLY u r tying to do. 1. Are u trying to get ur system to boot ? (Means ur system is not booting up) 2. Are u trying to bypass the windows password ? (U somehow forgot the Windows Admin password) or 3. Are u trying to install windows on ur system from the scratch ? If u r trying to do this, u'll need a restore disc (if any) that came along ur windows machine or the one u must have created when u booted for the very first time. or U must have a restore section on ur hard-drive and a restore button somewhere on ur laptop.
  12. It says power calibration error. If you've put up the DVD writter in a case, I think you're case is not supplying enough power to the DVD-writter. It must be reading some of the CD's but not writting any CD or DVD Happened to me once. You've got 2 more drives besides the Sony one , Check if those are working fine OPTORITE CD-RW CW4801 F: CDRom0 LITE-ON CD-RW SOHR-5239V D: CDRom1 SONY DVD RW DRU-510A G: CDRom2 and I am assuming that Sony DRU 510A is the External one since that is the one for which this log was generated. You can try connecting this as an internal drive and then see if it works properly. That ways you can be sure that the case is faulty. Hope this helps.
  13. Hi, I've setup a Belkin G router with MTNL's MT882 Modem Could you please post a copy of the settings screen of your Router. That would definitely help me tell you better. If u don't then also its fine, I'll try posting what I did. 1. You should have connected the Modem's Ethernet cable to the router and Router's Ethernet cable to Computer. 2. Now, if you type , You should be able to access the Modem and If you type the address for router , it should go to Router's login page. 3. Double click on the Lan icon (the one that shows connectivity) > Properties > TCP/IP > Properties > and select Obtain IP address automatically and obtain DNS automatically. These are important since if you screw this up you won't be able to access anything. 3. When you go to router's main page - (on my page its on the left hand side , dont know about yours,) there should be Lan settings. DONT CHANGE THOSE. This is important. If you've messed it up then do a reset. 4. Now go to Connection type. First choose static. - Fill in the settings which you put in the TCP/ IP settings like Ip Address, Subnet, Gateway - 5. Now Again click on Connections type and this time select PPPoE - then put in the Username , password that you put on the MTNL's modem (its generally phone no. and CA no. as password if you haven't changed it) 6. Now, you select DNS settings and put in the DNS that you had configured in the TCP/IP properties. 7. that's it, now if you restart your Router, you should be able to access the net. 8. Worked for me, if it doesn't you might put up your settings snapshot and I'll point out the changes Hope this helps
  14. Thanks a million rvalkass. :)You've given me all the answers I needed :)I'll probably go for a DVI - DVI single link. HDMI is good but you are right, since I don't have speakers in my monitor and moreover, its an HDMI -DVI thing. I'll stick to the DVI-DVI single link.I don't think my monitor would support a resolution higher than 1920x1080. (Its a 22")Anyways, these were some of the answers which I went looking for on google and I think google these days is not what it used to be . Its more confusing. I look for one thing and find something completely unrelated. Looks like I've lost my googling skills :)Anyways .. Thanks
  15. Hi, I have an LCD monitor (Samsung P2250), thats behaving oddly (shuts off itself at random for some reason). It has been supposedly fixed by Samsung (they changed the touch buttons and the VGA unit inside the Monitor). But its still showing the same problem. Anyways, I figure now the problem could be either Power cable or the VGA cable. So I am going to change both. Now while looking for the cables I saw two types of cable in the market (actually there are more than two types but I am confused between these two) 1. DVI to DVI cable 2. DVI to HDMI cable I have a Radeon 5770 that can support both DVI and HDMI interface. Now I do not know anything about these Digital interfaces, so can somebody guide me as to which one I should buy. My monitor can only support DVI and VGA. I wanted to switch to this digital interface , since I do some gaming too on my machine. And please also tell me - If HDMI to DVI cable is same as DVI to HDMI ? I mean Can I put in HDMI in my graphics card and DVI in my Monitor if it says DVI to HDMI ? And Can someone tell me the difference between single link and dual link ? It was written DVI to DVI single link on one of the cable and on another DVI to DVI dual link and most of the HDMI-DVI were dual link. I am so confused. I wish I had not slept during my electronic's classes So far, I think Dual links are something better than Single link since they are costing more. and for some reason, I am getting DVI to HDMI cheaper than DVI-DVI cable
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