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Addictive Flash Games Online Flash games...

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Here are some addictive flash games online....

1. Budapest Defenders

2. Puzzle Game

The above content was already posted by me in Xisto.


But i started to come across many flash games online. So i thought i will start a separate topic on that, so that other members can also post new flash game links here.


Here is a game that i recently came across.

A word of caution: its very addictive. :P



Yet another ball game here...



Do post flash game link that you come across...

These are best online time killers.



Also note that you should not post gaming sites just like that. Example do not give links like the below...







All the above links will be easily available in google searches. So post only very good specific game links that you feel are worth.


Also Feedbacks about the games are welcome. !!!

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DUDE! How come no one ever mentions Addicting Games? That site is the BEST man! I'm playing that Budapest game - pretty fun man! It makes a TON of noise though - AWW DANGIT! I lost while I was typing. Oh well... Addicting Games has games like Bot Arena 1, 2, and 3. It also has Classroom 1, 2, and 3. Classroom 3 is probably the best game I have played on it. They have some sweet games there.

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Thanks for the link. I find it interesting. Also i have a problem with that. Its blocked n my college ;). If that is the case is there any way that you can access through a proxy or something. Please let me know if you have ways to access, because everytime i have something to do i have to go outside... :D.




Thanks for the portal. I am getting addicted. :rolleyes:.




thanks for your link. I am playing them.


Here are some more games that i have been playing for over the past week.


The Pathfinder -- This is not a very addictive game but will help you relax from your all day work.



Hostile Skies -- This game is originally from miniclip and i have been playing for years. This can be downloaded diectly from miniclip.com, but the link i am providing here is from a different site. Enjoy.



Mountain Bike

This game is real interesting.


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I really appreciate those game programmers who spend their private time developing flash games for everyone. I am a newbie game programmer myself and I find numerous problems during programming a game, ranging from graphics problems (I'm only working on 2D!) to real logic programming problem. I have actually reprogrammed my game twice.Flash game programming is especially difficult as the Flash Player is not a fast engine. Effective scripting is very important. Some flash games have cool graphics but they do not lag. Just can't give any bad comments. They're cool...

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I totally agree with ktPatriot, I think most people take for granted gaming programmers and they're work.

As well has working with a difficult game engine they have to also remember the true meaning of the word game and try to make it as fun as it can be!

Here is another addictive game, that I totally love!

Dolphin Cup - sequel to Dolphin Olympics by Rawkins Games

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Meet my favorite online time waster, Dice Wars, a risk type strategy game. :-)




Next entry for favorite time waster, Bolas




And then there's Makos




And lastly, Floats



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Go for http://www.y8.com/
It's a very cool site which compiles every flash games you'll see in other sites. It's very great to see many games there. And I always play Hot Dog Bush. Hot Dog Bush a funny game which tells us that what would happen in to the president of United States if he has been kicked off at his position!

Well, he would sell hotdogs.... lol...

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Oh NO!More unproductivity. I blame you guys for me not doing my homework :oThanks for all the links.Have any of you guys ever tried Stick Arena, It's like an online flash game where you play against other people. Similar to an shooter.you can play it at xgenstudios.com.enjoy!

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Budapest Defenders is just like the major stream of spawn wave after wave, strategise, and blow them to hell games that are fun, and thats cool. easy though. beat the whole thing in an hour, but an hour well spent (of otherwise nothingness freetime)

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